Everything's Bigger in Texas

My cousin & her husband moved to Dallas two years ago and I have been dying to visit ever since.  I kept wanting to go but I was a little afraid of flying by myself (I'm not a huge fan of heights so planes are not my best friend) and the timing just wasn't right.  I finally decided that this summer I was going come hell or high water. I booked my tickets and then waited patiently (okay, not patiently at all) for my departure!

My flight out was on a Thursday evening so that I wouldn't waste part of Friday traveling.  I flew direct (thank you American Airlines) which made me happy because that meant one take off and one landing.  Surprisingly, the flight didn't bother me at all.  I didn't get nervous once.  If you know me at all, this is a huge deal!  Once I landed in Dallas, Lesley picked me up and I was able to get my first view of the city.  Dallas at night is BEAUTIFUL. The skyline is absolutely gorgeous.

After getting my stuff settled into Lesley & Andrew's apartment, we decided that we were hungry and wanted to venture into the city.  We settled on the Velvet Taco because it was a close driving distance to their place in Uptown and tacos sounded great!  I can tell you honestly, this place blew me away.  I thought a taco was a taco but they proved me wrong.  I tried two of their chicken tacos and absolutely loved both!

On Friday, I definitely had a childhood dream come true!  Growing up, I watched Dallas every week with my granny.  J.R. and Bobby were household names and I loved watching the show.  So you can imagine how happy I am that they decided to bring the show back!  I love the new show and Lesley was an amazing sport and took me to visit SouthFork Ranch!   We were able to tour the museum, house and grounds and I was happy as could be :)  Here are some pictures from our tour!

After leaving the ranch, we headed to the Bishop Arts District to have lunch and do a little shopping.  This area was so cool!  Lots of neat furniture & clothing stores, restaurants, flower & candle shops, you name it.  We decided to have lunch at Eno's Pizza.  The pizza was delicious and it was such a cool atmosphere!

Eno's Pizza

They had these hanging in all the trees so we finally had to ask the purpose.  Supposedly the sun reflects off the pennies and keeps the flies away!

After lunch we toured several shops along North Bishop Ave including Neighborhood, Kiez (AMAZING candles!) and Dirt which is my favorite flower shop I've ever been in.  We then went to a gourmet chocolate shop, chocolate was enough to lure me in.  Dude, Sweet Chocolate has some of the most amazing treats!  I loved the marshmallows but everything I had there was wonderful.

View heading back to Uptown from the Bishop Arts District

We went to this great boutique, Milk and Honey, and they had some of the cutest stuff!  I bought this dress (normally not a fan of maxi dresses but I am in love with this one), jewelry and a top.  I'm so happy that they have a website because I will definitely be shopping on it.    

Friday night we had dinner at Mi Cocina. If you go to Dallas, this place is a must.  One of the best meals I have had in forever.  I had Mama's Tacos and ate as much of it as I could.  It was absolutely delicious!  I also had a skinny margarita.  I stand by this, it was the best margarita I've ever had.  After dinner, we headed over to The Standard Pour for after dinner drinks.  It was a great atmosphere and I really enjoyed it.

On Saturday, we decided to do a walking tour of Downtown Dallas that morning.  Lesley had been telling me about Klyde Warren Park and I was super pumped to see it.  It is a park built on top of the Interstate that connects Uptown and Downtown Dallas.  What an asset to those who live in the area!  You can live in the middle of the city and have a great park to go to.  They offer reading materials, exercise classes, places to play ping pong or volleyball.  Plus food trucks are around during the lunch hour.  If I worked in Downtown Dallas I would spend my lunch hour in this park.

I was very impressed by the downtown area.  It was very walkable and beautiful.  We stopped inside this old post office:

The lobby area had been converted into a cafe!

The rest of the building is living space, how cool is that?!

When we were walking I saw a huge B and G in front of a large building.  I was excited to find out that these were letters that are moved around downtown and you are supposed to be the "I" in the middle.  "Everything's Bigger in Texas" y'all.  So of course I had to participate:

We were also able to see where JFK was shot.  As a passionate lover of anything historical, I was interested in seeing the location of such a horrific and still debated crime.  After leaving downtown, we had lunch at the Royal Sichuan restaurant, delicious (basically I couldn't find bad food in Dallas)!

That night we went to Ft. Worth for the RODEO!  I've been to a rodeo before but not one in Texas so I was really excited.  It was a good show and very entertaining:

After the rodeo, we were headed to Billy Bob's the largest honky tonk in the world.  So of course I had to have boots and a hat!

   I loved it!  It was awesome getting to see all of the dancing and a feel for the local atmosphere :)

Lesley & I at Billy Bob's

On Sunday we decided to take it easy before I left.  We had brunch at Nick & Sam's Grill and then spent the remainder of the day laying by the pool.

 Couldn't ask for a better view!

Visiting Texas was amazing and I had such a fun time visiting Lesley & Andrew! They were the best hosts and made it such a great weekend.  I can't wait for another Texas trip.

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