Convention Center Gala

This past weekend I was able to attend the Gala to celebrate the opening of the new Owensboro Convention Center.  I was beyond impressed.   It was so much fun and it's an absolutely beautiful building!  Below are a few pictures from the evening.  I didn't take nearly as many as I would have liked, I was having too much fun :)
 I didn't have time to go out of town to find a dress so I decided to take a chance and use Rent the Runway.  I had looked into this before but I just wasn't brave enough to try it.  I was so close to the final hour this time though that I felt like I didn't have another choice.  When you order a dress you automatically get a back up size for free.  Also, you can order a second dress for an extremely reduced cost (mine was $32.50). 

This was dress #1 I ordered (pictures are links to the dresses on RTR):

This was my second dress:

I am SO glad I ordered two!  The first one was cute but just wasn't me.  Luckily I LOVED the second dress.  I ordered the regular length and was a bit worried about which shoes to wear.  I was surprised when it was the perfect length for flats.  My feet were so thankful when I was dancing after midnight and they were pain free :) 

Oh and if you join their email list you receive a coupon for $25 off your first rental :)

The Gala was so much fun and the Sara Evans concert was amazing!!


Emmy and I!

Sara Evans & her brother singing a duet! (Just Give Me a Reason by PINK, they also did Bruno Mars.  She's so talented!)

Look whose table showed up on the 14 WFIE app :)

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