Wedding Countdown!

Well we are 144 days from the big day!!! Our engagement is flying by and as excited as I am for the big day to get here, this time is so fun and I don't want it to end! We have been super busy working on the wedding, house shopping, etc. I don't find wedding planning that stressful but house shopping....whew! I can see why people do not move often. It's hard to find the perfect house! Thank goodness we have an AMAZING realtor (Matt Schell, Century 21 --- highly recommend) who keeps the process fun and as stress free as possible!

It's been a flurry of celebrations and busy days since we got engaged!

          Absolutely adore these two!

                      So happy : )

   KFL Fundraiser with my future husband :)

      Fun weekend with great friends at

                      Rough River!


    Oh yeah, and it's sno cone season!
    Lots of sno cone dates in our future 
                   this summer : )

           Golfing fun with my granny!

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