Recently Danielle and I decided if we are going to be married to firefighters that it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what their job is like! Luckily the boys thought this was a great idea : )

During their volunteer training a few weeks ago they had the smoke trailer there. We got to put on all the equipment and go through the trailer. It was awesome!! The equipment was heavier than I expected but it was doable. The mask reminded me so much of a scuba breathing system. The hardest part of the whole thing was the darkness.  So much of your movement (crawling in a tight space) had to be done by communicating with the people in front of you and by feeling as you went along. It definitely gave me a greater appreciation for Jared's job and a better understanding of what he does. Although I would be lying if I didn't get a small amount of satisfaction from the fact that we did really well and didn't panic like they predicted : ) 

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