100 Day Countdown: Days 49-40

Day 49: Walked over the blue bridge, East Bridge Art Festival & worked on the house!! Busy but productive day : ) 7 weeks from today I'll be married!!

Day 48: Spent day 48 at our first wedding shower!! So much fun celebrating with wonderful people   : )

Day 47: our wedding shower cake yesterday, absolutely loved it! Wedding festivities are oh so fun!!

Day 46: 46 days : ) so close to being done with painting & wedding invitations!! It's getting so close : )

Day 45: yummy dinner at Fetta and Coldstone ice cream before sitting down to work on wedding invitations!

Day 44: Really missing my future husband while he works tonight! At least I have his sweatshirt : ) 44 days until I get to be the luckiest girl in the world and call Jared my husband!

Day 43: at the OHS vs. BG game with my love : )

Day 42: Celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Allen! Can't believe 6 weeks from today we will be married : )

Day 41: With all my beautiful bridesmaids at our wedding shower today : ) lucky to have such awesome women to stand by my side!

Day 40: 40 days!!!! It's going to be here so soon : ) and we are officially DONE with painting at the new house!!

I cannot believe we are in the 30's on the countdown to the wedding!  I'm so ready for it to get here but am trying to soak up each moment of these last few weeks as well.  

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