100 Day Countdown: Days 59-50

Day 59: Really missing this guy tonight! Excited for a full weekend of wedding planning & working on our house : ) 59 days! Less than two months ahh!!

Day 58: Once the paint is dry we will have one room finally complete! So ready to be done painting!! 58 days to go : )

Day 57: OHS vs. Apollo. 57 days to go!

Day 56: Downtown Scavenger Hunt with Jess!! So much fun! 

Day 55: Day 55 late because we've been doing SO MUCH painting this weekend!!

Day 54: Louisville football season is officially here! Spent day 54 painting and now watching the game with my favorite guy!

Day 53: this new last name makes for fun shopping : ) 

Day 52: Only I could end up in convenient care from cutting my foot open painting doors! Fun way to spend the night of day 52 : /

Day 51: 51 days : ) can't believe how soon the wedding will be here!! Making lots of progress on the house and our first wedding shower is this weekend!

Day 50: Celebrated my brother's 21st birthday at Red Lobster!

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Oh and stay tuned: first giveaway on the blog is coming soon and it's perfect for the fall season!!

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