100 Day Countdown: Days 29-20

Day 29: we're less than a month from our wedding day! Between finalizing wedding plans and preparing to move I know this last month is absolutely going to fly by : )

Day 28: although wedding planning & working on the house is fun, we are so ready to be married, living in our house and enjoying life together : )

Day 27: Our house is finally starting to
come together and is looking like a home : ) I cannot wait to live there with Jared!

Day 26: Packing, packing, packing. 26 days to go!!

Day 25: Date night to Texas Roadhouse and then to see The Song with my fiancé : ) great dinner and amazing movie!!

Day 24: today we picked up our marriage license!!! It's beginning to feel so real : ) can't wait to be Mrs. Peacock!

Day 23: 23 days to go! Wedding deliveries at work make for a good day : )

Day 22: made homemade chicken noodle soup, watching the Louisville game & packing more boxes! Perfect recipe for a rainy, dreary night!

Day 21: we had our last wedding shower and spent the night celebrating Haley's birthday and working on the house! Fun, happy day : )

Day 20: Can't wait to spend forever with this man : ) can't believe we will be married in less than 3 weeks!!!

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