100 Day Countdown: Days 9-1

Day 9: #tbt to the weekend we got engaged! Cannot believe we're down to the single digits!

Day 8: Cannot believe that next weekend I'll be at this beautiful location marrying this amazing man : )

Day 7: ONE. WEEK. Cannot believe it's almost here! Day 7 went by very fast between moving stuff into the new house and running wedding errands : )

Day 6: Church, Apple Festival, more moving & wedding stuff! Can't believe it's wedding week and I can't wait to marry my best friend : )

Day 5: Tonight my sweet Daddy surprised me with this Kelsey bride he bought for me over 15 years ago and saved for my special day! 

Day 4: Cannot wait to marry this man in 4 days : )

Day 3: cannot believe this man will be my husband three days from now : )

Day 2: 2 days to go! Making place cards and love seeing this together : )

Day 1: 1 day to go! Finally making it to bed but when I wake up it's officially wedding day!

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