60 Beautiful Years

December marked 60 years of marriage for my maternal grandparents. We decided to celebrate with a surprise party! It was such a fun and special day celebrating these two very special people.


Such an adorable couple...60 years ago and today!

Really cute sign that Dylan's girlfriend Lauren made!

So thankful for my amazing husband who was able to take off for a few hours to come help me set up & celebrate with us!  I am really so lucky that he's always willing to jump in and help me with anything!

These two have taught me more about life, family & love than I can put into words.

Love these two!  Sadly, J had to go back to work before we were able to get this picture.

These two were such a big help!
Growing up with these two as role models has been such a wonderful blessing and we are so thankful for their love, patience and support.  They are a wonderful example of a lifetime commitment to love and serve as a great inspiration.  My grandparents are some of my best friends and any day that celebrates them is a great day!  So thankful for everyone who helped and came to celebrate with us!

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