Wedding Photographer: Rachael Houser Photography

I was always told that when we got married I needed to pick a few main things that were the most important and really get what we wanted and then try to cut back or save on things that weren't as important to us.  Pictures were very high up if not #1 on our list.  I love photos and had a very specific image of the type of photographer I wanted!  After we set our date, we did tons of research on photographers in our region but something just clicked talking to one of them.  That fabulous photographer was Rachael Houser of Rachael Houser Photography in Paducah, KY. 

We chose Rachael to be our engagement & wedding photographer and honestly this may have been one of the top decisions we made in the whole process!  I can not say enough good things about Rachael.  She is very knowledgeable and capable in photography and also provides help in planning out the day.  She captured our exact vision for our pictures and we honestly are struggling to pick out which ones to display in our home because if we could we would display them all!!  

She had the best advice for how to keep our day running smoothly and on the day of she kept things right on time but never once did we feel rushed.

 Below are the links to her blogs of our engagement & wedding pictures.  I plan to use Rachael for all of our special moments in years to come!  Not only are her pictures beautiful, but she truly captures the real feeling and emotion in them.  I will forever cherish the beautiful images she has provided us with of the best day of our lives.  If you need a photographer, please check her out.  She is amazing, very easy to work with, and worth every penny!

I will be sharing more wedding images as I blog about the different parts of our wedding but feel free to check out our engagement & wedding sneak peeks below! 

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