DIY Wedding Card Book

I love cards!  On holidays, it's a rare occurrence for J to get just one card :)  I am the girl who stands in the card aisles and spends so much time searching for the perfect card (sometimes shedding a tear).  I have kept special cards from many occasions over the years so when it came time to figure out something to do with our wedding cards I knew it had to be something better than a box in the closet.

I did a lot of research and pinterest searching on different ways to create a keepsake out of our wedding cards.  We received so many beautiful & love filled cards and I wanted a way to preserve them where we could enjoy them for years to come! 

I decided to make a wedding card book!  We had too many cards to put in one book so I ended up making two.  I stacked all the wider cards in one stack and the more vertical cards in another.  Cards come in a lot of different shapes & sizes now so I had to get creative with these which I'll show in pictures below!  I used black cardstock as backing for my covers and to attach cards to that didn't fit the size needed for the books.  To make them more personalized, I added some flair to the covers :)  Then I spent a lot of time hole punching each card and threading it on the ribbon. Thankfully Haley was over during this part!  Girl talk made this process go by so much faster, even though she thinks I'm crazy for keeping cards at all ;)

It wasn't a super hard task to make these, just took some planning & some time to put them together :)  I highly recommend making something like this out of your wedding cards!  I know in the years to come, memories of who wrote what in their card and who came to our showers & wedding will not be as easy to recall.  But now I have this awesome collection of cards that I can go back & enjoy when I want to reminisce on our wedding : )

I attached cards that weren't easy to hole punch onto black cardstock cut to be the same size as the covers with double sided tape.

We received several small cards like this so I cut out more cardstock the size of the cover and attached the cards with double sided tape.  Then I added some stickers to the pages to decorate them a little bit more!
I added the year of our wedding to the back cover!
The black cardstock provided the perfect backing for the cards and kept the pages pretty even throughout the book.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out!  They are fun to have around the house and I'm really glad to have this project done and the stack of cards in our office gone and nicely displayed in our living room :)

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  1. I love this idea! I have so many engagement cards stacked up, just waiting for shower and wedding cards to be added, and I can't wait to do this with all of them! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Also, thank you for linking up with us today :)

    1. Thanks Macy! They were fun to make & I love having them on display in our living room!

  2. This is an AWESOME idea!! I am such a card person, too, and have been looking for something fun to do with all of the wedding cards. I put together a notebook with all of the shower cards, but I really like your idea for the wedding cards :) Thanks for linking up with us this week :)

    1. Thanks Meg! I had a lot of fun making them & it was so nice getting to go back and read all of our cards :) Thanks for hosting such a fun link up party!