Our Wedding: Hair & Makeup

It was super important to me to have the right group of people surrounding me while getting ready for our wedding!  I just wanted it to be laid back and relaxed.  That is why I am super thankful that I had two wonderful ladies there to make us beautiful and keep us laughing all day!

Sandra from The N Salon did our hair and did a wonderful job!  Sandra and I have always worked well together on hair and she captured my vision for the bridesmaids perfectly.  Simple and classic half up styles that wouldn't overpower their dresses.  I think sometimes we think curls are required to make hair dressy but I think that it would have taken away from the look of our bridesmaids.  I wanted something up and simple for my hair as well and Sandra did a great job! 

One of my friends from high school, Haley London, did our makeup and I was beyond impressed.  Haley is so talented.  Our makeup photographed so well and having Haley there while we were getting ready was really fun!


I highly recommend both of these ladies for your hair and makeup needs!  I will do another post on more of getting ready with the bridal party that day but wanted to share my thoughts on our wonderful hair & makeup ladies!

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