Weekend Recap

We had a full weekend! 
Friday I took off a half day just to spend time with my husband!  He took me to lunch downtown at Bee Bop's.

Totally not on my diet right now but who cares?  Forget those calories and feed me that burger!
Afterwards, he took me shopping at one of my favorite stores - Bella Ragazza!  Followed up by a trip to the chiropractor for us both (post to come on my journey to becoming a chiropractic patient) and a crafting trip to Hobby Lobby (you'll see why on this later!).  After our adventures out, we returned home to watch the UofL game and then I hung out with the girls & our husbands had poker night :)
Saturday was beautiful and we spent most of the day working on our landscaping!  We are slowing down decorating and furnishing the inside right now and switching focus to the outside of our house.  We just bought our house last August and spent so much time getting the inside ready before the wedding that we didn't do a whole lot to the yard besides pull up the huge bushes around the front of our house.  Huge bushes doesn't even describe these.  I'll post some before and after pictures as we make progress and I can promise you will be shocked by how much the look of our house changed just from pulling up those bushes! 
  We dug up all of the brick outlining the landscaping which ended up being quite a job with how much it had sunken into the ground.  We basically had to dig up a trench around all of our landscaping front & back!  But this is okay because we're basically taking all existing landscaping out and starting over! 
Not long after we started, we realized we would need another shovel and I needed some gloves to work with!  We headed off to Lowe's and I ended up with these gloves.
 My name is Kelsey and I have the hands of a child and couldn't keep the smallest women's gloves from falling off.  So Disney princess gloves it is! 
Saturday night we had dinner with J's parents and then we had a date night to go see Cinderella!
My husband is the best : )
Best movie I've seen in a long time!  The movie was so beautiful and really focused on encouraging young girls to have courage & be kind instead of focusing so much on the romance aspect.  It was wonderful seeing this classic recreated in a new way that not only worked but kept me smiling the whole movie and put me in the most amazing mood!  Jared and I both really enjoyed it. 
Sunday Jared worked which meant I trekked over to McLean county by myself for church & then lunch with my grandad, dad & stepmom!
Trying out a new outfit for church!

  How precious is he?
After lunch, we headed home to stream the OHS championship game!  The high school Jared and I both attended (and where our story began) won the state basketball championship!! How exciting :)  So proud to be a red devil!

When I got home, some of our flowers were blooming!
Sunday night, my best friend & maid of honor Haley came over and hung out with me while I worked on this wedding card book & we watched the Louisville game.  The Cards pulled off another win that moves them on to the sweet sixteen!  What a great day to be an OHS & Louisville fan!
Post to come on how I made my DIY wedding card book soon!
All in all, it was a pretty great weekend!  It went by too fast as usual though.  We have a lot of exciting things going on this week that I can't wait to share :) 
Happy Monday!

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!


  1. Haha love the gloves. I have really tiny hands too so I often have the same situation as you!

    1. Hi Alanna! Glad you visited my blog! I'm happy to hear someone else runs into struggles with this as well :)

  2. Wow, that burger! I just got so hungry! What a fun half day Friday you guys had! I definitely need to get going with planting some flowers around here!

  3. First, the burger looks soooo good. I've been on a cheeseburger kick for a while now. Can't get enough of them! Looks like you had some really amazing weather. I'm looking forward to the season change! I want to see Cinderella. It looks really good/cute. Thanks for linking up with me on Monday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle