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It's been about a month since I shared our last married life update with you and decided it was time to share another update :)  We've had a lot of big things happening in the past month and we have lots of exciting and fun things coming up to look forward to! 

I started my new Jane Austen devotional and love it!

J and I took a half day a few weeks ago to just hang out & he took me to a yummy lunch at Bee Bop's and shopping downtown!  What a keeper :)

Date night to see the new Cinderella movie!  If you haven't seen it yet, go see it!  It was amazing :)

Lunch date with my family after church!  Love my Grandad and his smiles :)

Spring has sprung at The Peacock Roost!

We are currently working on redoing all of our landscaping.  I needed gloves to work in and the only ones we could find small enough were the kids size.  So Disney princesses it is!

I read this book in March.  It was pretty good, I'll probably try to rent the movie sometime soon!

Date night with my handsome husband :)

Road trip to Ft. Campbell with my Granny!

Drives on beautiful days with this guy make me happy!

Easter on the Kaelin side

Spring shopping with Darlene!  See my recap on what we found here.

Happy couple finally getting to announce their new business!

See our business announcement and more info about it here.

Spring cleaning is happening at our house!  We have cleaned out our closets once already but I think I'm going to go back through and get rid of some more soon!

My Redeemer Lives play at church with Dad & Darlene!

My lovely husband took me on a day date to see Fast & the Furious 7.  It was so good & sad!

Did a little business shopping :)

Found a new favorite spring color in my favorite polish!  If you haven't tried this stuff yet, do it.  You'll love it!

Easter 2015.  See my full recap here!
Love these people.

I feel officially ready for open toed shoes & sandals :)

I bought a new Polar Loop and love it!  It's so fun being able to track your activity each day.  See my post about it here.

Strawberry low-fat smoothies from Panera are my new favorite!

We spent a lot of time in Calhoun this weekend mowing & working on business stuff!  I even managed to get a nice country walk in.  Owning a new business is a lot of work but very fulfilling too!

While Jared was working Sunday, I tackled a new DIY project I'd been planning.  It turned out great but I'm still getting paint off my legs :)

Diaper cake I made for a family baby shower this past weekend.  See the last one I made & the centerpieces too here.

Yesterday I woke up so sick and the only thing that sounded good were Pancakes.  Sick on a Monday means you get pancakes and you don't have to count the calories :)  So thankful for my amazing husband who is taking care of me but hoping I'm completely well soon because we have a lot planned for the next few weeks and I want to be on top of my game :)

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