The Green Peacock

Yesterday was an exciting day in The Peacock Roost!  After months of planning, discussions and hard work we finally were able to announce our new business -- The Green Peacock!
The Green Peacock will serve Owensboro and it's surrounding markets with basic lawn care, Certified Organic fertilization, aeration, mulching and other lawn services.  We are so excited about our unique service line of going green and using strictly Organic fertilizer that is good for the environment and children and pet friendly!  We have partnered with Charlie's Compost to provide the best organic fertilizer for our clients. 
We will be serving the private residential and commercial markets so if you know of any individual or businesses that you believe would have an interest in our services, please send them our way!

We are so thankful for all the help we've received from our family & friends in the planning and launching of our new business!  From the business plan to names and equipment choices, we've gotten great feedback and advice and are so very thankful!
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