Weekend Recap

On Friday, I shared that this weekend we would be celebrating the one year anniversary of our engagement.  We decided several months ago to go to the Louisville spring game and decided to make a short weekend trip out of it!  So fun!


Excited to be Louisville bound!
 Gosh I miss living here!  Louisville is amazing.
Hanging out before the game!  We got there early to get a good seat & check out all the festivities :)

Senior award presentation.  They brought back a lot of big Louisville football alum to hand out the jerseys and it was really cool to hear what they had all accomplished.

Superbowl 49 MVP
We love our Cards!

After the game, Jared took me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!  Yum!
We got our cheesecake to go!  White chocolate raspberry cheesecake for the win :)  #givemeallthecheesecake


On Saturday, we started the day off with a quick trip to the mall and then we went to visit our sweet cousins Lesley & Andrew!  We just love getting to hang out with them and don't get to do it very often so we always try to get together when we visit Louisville!  We had a great visit and then we drove around campus to see some of the new additions before we headed home!
New activity center.  Gorgeous!  I was so impressed with the changes they've made to campus and kind of jealous we didn't have this stuff while I was still there, ha!
Business School.  I spent more hours here than I probably want to know!
Short but fun trip and headed back to Owensboro!


On Sunday, Jared had to work so I went shopping in Bowling Green with Dad & Darlene!  We had quite a bit of luck and lots of fun hanging out.  We're so blessed to have these two in our lives :)

After we got back, I even got to spend a little time with my Granny & Grandad!  All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend!  We have a full week ahead but have set aside some time to just relax and hang out together and I'm so looking forward to that!  Plus, next weekend marks six months of marriage for us and we have a special weekend together planned for that as well!

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. congrats on your upcoming six months of marriage! My husband and I celebrated that milestone last month.

    1. Thanks! It's hard to believe, time has gone by so fast! Congratulations to you all as well!