Weekend Recap

I don't know about you but Monday came around too soon for this girl :(  We had a lovely weekend and I'm already ready for next weekend! 

Friday, I started the weekend off right with my favorite summer lunch food!  If you live in Owensboro and haven't had a Gene's tuna fish sandwich you are majorly missing out! 

Friday night we went out to dinner with friends to celebrate our friend Sean's 30th birthday party!  We had yummy Mexican and it was great to catch up with everyone!  Afterwards, we relaxed on the couch for a while and called it a night since J had to work the next day.

Saturday I started my day off walking 5.5 miles with Haley and followed that up with a lot of circuit work!  We were super proud of ourselves.  I've been really trying to keep up with my steps and meet my goal each day.  I ended up with almost 20,000 on Saturday (double my goal!) and was super happy about it! 

After recovering from that, I ran a few errands, visited with my grandparents and then met up with Dad & Darlene to go down to the BBQ Fest!

Fun down by the river!

On Sunday, we went to a delicious lunch at Roadhouse to celebrate Darlene!

The whole fam :)

We spent the rest of the day running errands for the week but were able to finish the weekend off with a relaxed dinner at home & two movies.  I'll call that a happy Sunday :)

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend!  I'm looking forward to several relaxed nights at home with my husband this week and our weekend full of house projects next weekend!

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I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!


  1. Relaxed dinner at home and two movies is what I would document as an amazing Sunday! Glad you were able to relax and refresh! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Totally agreed! I love relaxing Sunday nights, they make early Mondays a little less painful!

  2. I love your blue dress! Where did you get it? Tuna fish sandwiches are so good! Thanks for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Thanks Ashley! It is a Jessica Simpson dress. Not sure if they're making this color this year but I saw it at Dillard's in navy & white!