Weekend Recap

Well obviously I'm a little behind on my blog this week!  I had this recap almost ready to go on Monday but had some issues with getting a few pictures to cooperate plus a crazy schedule to blame!   

Friday started off with my Grandfather's Honor Flight send off!  For those not familiar with the program, it provides a free trip for veterans to visit Washington D.C. to see the war memorials.  It is truly a remarkable & wonderful program and we are very thankful that Grandad had the opportunity to experience this very special and emotional trip!

Proud ladies!  Granny did great on sending him off (of course she was used to it after 20 years in the Navy plus his sendoffs then were for a lot longer trip than a weekend!).  I was a little more emotional, anyone surprised?   It's always been him sending me off on adventures not the other way around.  I was so happy for him to be going but definitely missed him!

It was so cool how they had a police & motorcycle escort out of town!  So thankful for all the people who make this experience so special for these veterans.
Jared was doing a landscaping job Friday, but I still found some firefighters to hang out with :)

Friday night Jess & I did the Moonlight Ride for St. Jude!  It was 12 miles around the city.  Funny story: my bike had a cut tire when I got it out of my SUV (still no clue how I managed that!) but thankfully I was able to go borrow my grandmother's!  It was fun but I was definitely sore the next day! 

Saturday morning we woke up to find Grandad on the front page!

We had a yummy breakfast and watched a lot of Entourage before spending the afternoon in Evansville!  We ended the evening with some takeout & more Entourage :)

Sunday is where everything changed!  We had a whole day planned but Jared got called in for overtime early Sunday so I had to regroup on my plans!

Beautiful drive on the way to church!

After church, it was time to go welcome Grandad home from his Honor Flight!

Doesn't she look adorable?  She's got this welcoming home celebration stuff down :)  (20 years as a navy wife will do that!)

Luckily, even though Jared had to work they let him come with the firefighters that were there so that he could welcome Grandad home too!  It meant so much to have him there even if it was in work mode :)

So excited to see Grandad!

Grandad getting interviewed!

Later that night, Darlene and I were watching the news & saw this!
Our welcoming party on the news!
Spent Sunday night hanging out with Dad & Darlene! They let me be their third wheel while Jared was working : )

The weekend might not have been exactly what we had planned but it still turned out pretty well!  We have a full week this week but it's full of lots of quality time together so I think that makes it a pretty good one :)


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! Thanks to your grandpa for his service! I didn't know about the Honor Flight program, but that amazing that they do that, and it's even more amazing what an awesome sendoff and welcome home they had for the veterans!!!


    1. It is such a great program! I was beyond impressed and definitely shed some tears!