Life Lately

Life lately has been super busy & good!
We've spent a lot of time working in MC on business stuff!

Granny's birthday & Grandad's Father's Day lunch!

Grandad Charles & his offspring on Father's Day!

Best dad ever!

Jared working with Charlie to learn more about the organic fertilizer we use exclusively for our clients!

Love working on lawn & landscape projects together!

Movie date to see Ted 2

Daddy's girl for sure!

Jared surprised me with dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants!

4th of July fun!  See more 4th pictures here!

We bought Jared's new truck!

Saturday walk & girl talk session with Haley!

Fun at Cooper's birthday party!

Love days of running errands with this guy :)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  See what I ordered here.

Went back to short hair for the rest of summer!

Date night!

My most recent trip to the library!  I can't get enough of reading lately :)

Orange Leaf date nights!

Granny taught me how to make her famous fried corn!

Girls night with some of my favorite cousins!

Day date to Evansville and then a relaxing dinner & night at home last week!

Today marks 1 year since we closed on our home!   We spent about two and a half months working on it and moved in after the wedding.  9 months of happy memories have been made in this house and I can't wait to make so many more!  I will be posting more sneak peeks of the work we've done inside & outside the house soon so stay tuned!

On the menu tonight at The Peacock Roost...

my Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo crockpot meal!  Super yummy & so easy for a weeknight meal!  See the recipe here!

Come back & visit the blog tomorrow for my latest Fitness Update!


  1. Seriously, you have the cutest dresses ever!:)

  2. Happy 1 year anniversary in your home! And loving all of your dresses in these pics - so pretty :)

  3. sounds like a great time! how fun to do yard work together! I love being in the yard, its always so rewarding after!

    1. It is! Lots of hard work but the result is worth it :)

  4. Looks like you guys have been busy but having a great time!!

  5. New truck? And anniversary sale? The best week ever!!! :)

    1. It's been a pretty good but busy (and expensive) month!

  6. I am obsessed with your 4th of July dress. Super cute!