Rotel Cheese Dip

Rotel Cheese Dip The Peacock Roost Appetizer Snack

Rotel Cheese Dip is a favorite snack in our house for game days, parties, etc.!  It's so easy to make and everyone loves it :)


1 block Velveeta cheese
1 can mild Rotel
1 lb ground beef (you can also use sausage or both ground beef & sausage)


Brown ground beef
Cut up block of cheese into small squares
Combine cheese, meat and rotel in crockpot
Cook on high until melted and then leave on keep warm while you enjoy!


  1. Rotel is a staple at our house! Especially during football season! Sometimes I leave the meat out if my gang is starving!

    1. I love rotel!! I wish I had some of this to snack on right now!

  2. My family loves this dip! It's so quick and easy to make too! Yummy!

  3. Ooh, we love this! Especially with sausage. :))

  4. Cheese dip is practically one of my love languages, and this one looks amazing!! Thank you so much for linking up at Tasty Tuesday! This post has been pinned on the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board! I love having you and can't wait to see you next week!