Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday!

Today is an extra great Friday because I'm only working a 1/2 day and then I'm headed home to finish a home project with Jared :)  Can't wait to share before & after photos!

Before I share my favorites with you, let's all remember what today is...

I can't believe it's been 14 years.

1. New Instagram

The Peacock Roost Instagram

I started a new Instagram account just for my blog and am super excited about it!  Come follow me for outfit posts, recipes, favorite finds & lots more! Follow me @thepeacockroost

2. Dylan's Birthday

We celebrated my little brother's birthday this week! So proud of him :)


Cize dance workout video

My Cize came in & I can't wait to start the program on Monday!  I've heard great things about this program and can't wait to hopefully see some good results :)

4. Fall
Fall is almost here! Now, if the weather would just cooperate so I could wear my fall clothes I would be one happy girl! Lots of fall stuff coming to the blog soon so stay tuned. 

5. Home Decorating
Snapshot of part of one of our built in shelves. 

Now that the weather is going to be cooling off, we're going to be switching our focus from outside projects back to finishing up the decorating inside the house. I'm excited to find new pieces that work great in our home & share the results with you!

We have a very full weekend ahead but fun stuff planned! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Your shelves look great! We are trying to tackle some home projects as well - I'm hoping our motivation lasts! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks, girly! It's a process finishing up the decorations in our home but it's fun!

  2. I am moving house very soon and cannot wait to do some DIY projects, painting and putting my stamp on my new house!
    I like those shelves!

  3. Before and after pics of home projects: my favorite!
    New follower from the linkup! Happy Friday :)

  4. Loving that green dress you're wearing for Dylan's birthday! Happy Friday gurlie, can't wait to see the projects you accomplish :)

  5. I love the shelf and the decor. It is very beach and cottage-like! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks, Britanie! It's one of my favorite areas in our home.

  6. Happy birthday to your brother!! I can't wait to see what's in store for your new Insta :) Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thanks, Meg! I decided it was finally time to separate my blog & personal account!

  7. Yay for half day work days! I had one of those too - it's just too bad I let myself get all worked up over not being able to find Winnie the Pooh birthday party supplies! I'm over it now. :) Happy Weekend! Enjoy all the fun you have planned!