First Anniversary Trip

Last Wednesday morning, Jared & I packed up and headed out of town for a short business conference and our anniversary trip!  This was literally one of the best trips we've ever taken & was so much fun!!  I'll warn you this is a photo heavy post but we had so much fun that I want to share :)

Beautiful drive to Huber's!

So excited to pick pumpkins!!

It was the PERFECT day to be outside! 

My awesome hubby helping me find the perfect pumpkin!

Such a fun day!

After picking pumpkins & finishing the drive to Louisville, we decided on the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and all I have to say to that is YUM.

Days 2 & 3 during the day were spent at the GIE Expo!  This was an international conference for lawn & landscape companies.  If you're new to the blog, Jared & I own an organic lawn care company :)

We knew that there would be a ton of great vendors, products & equipment to check out but we were honestly blown away.  There were over 20,000 people there and the outside demo area alone was 19 acres!! (All that walking made me feel a lot better about all the eating we were doing!).

Inside the expo!

My <3

Raised right.  #JohnDeereFanForLife

We spent most of the first day inside, it took almost all day to just get through the inside booths!  We took a quick look outside to see what the next day would hold! 

Part of the demo area!  They had all kinds of areas set up where you could try out equipment!  So fun!

Best. Husband. Ever.  PF Chang's is my favorite and I used to go all the time when I lived in Louisville.  I never get to go anymore and Jared took me there for dinner that night!  After one meal, he's totally hooked now too! 

The next day we spent outside mainly checking out equipment we were interested in! 

I can't even describe how big this area was or get it all in one photo.  We were beyond impressed!

There were several food vendors at the expo and one of them was the Kentucky Cattleman's Association.  They are hardly at any of our fairs/events in our hometown area anymore so I hadn't had a ribeye sandwich in forever!!  I am happy to admit I ate this same sandwich two days in a row and it did not disappoint :)  Jared was equally impressed by their cheeseburgers. 

Pumpkin Chunking!  To demo one of the Billy Goat leaf shredders, you were able to roll pumpkins into it and see how it worked.  So fun!

We had so much fun at the expo!  We learned a ton of new stuff for our business and are so excited to see what 2016 will hold for The Green Peacock!

We may or may not have treated ourselves to PF Chang's again this night ;)  It was so fun getting to do the expo during the day and then go on dates each night!

Saturday, we spent the day at the Louisville vs. Boston College game!  We had great seats and it was a tough game at times but Louisville thankfully pulled out the victory!

My smart husband had us buy ponchos which we definitely needed because it poured down for a lot of the game!  Thanks to his thinking, we stayed completely dry :)

After the game, we headed home to spend the rest of the night & Sunday hanging out and celebrating our anniversary!

I cannot believe how fast a year can fly.  Someone told me a long time ago that the days are long but the years are short and boy was that true this year!  I am going to do a post soon about the first year of marriage so be on the lookout for that!

Sweet card my family left for us Sunday morning!  It never gets old seeing our names this way :)

So happy :)  We had such a relaxing and great day together!

Sunday night we watched our wedding video, ate our cake & reminisced about our wedding :)  It really was the perfect day.

Special thanks to my grandmother for having our cake at our house & ready to go for us when we got home!  Also, thank you to my family and friends who called and texted us on Sunday!  We really appreciated everyone remembering our special day :)
I could not have asked for a better trip with my husband or a happier anniversary day! 
Hope everyone is having a great week!  I'm getting so excited for our first Halloween in our home :)  See you back here tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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  1. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  2. This is so sweet! Happy first year to you both! Sounds like you guys had a great trip, doing a lot of your favorite things!

  3. Happy first anniversary! The first year FLIES by so quickly, it is quite crazy. Glad you had a fun anniversary trip :)!

  4. Happy Anniversary gurlie! So glad you guys had a fabulous trip to celebrate <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Love love that UK blue sweater. And all the food looks amazing. What a super fun time!!! And Happy Anniversary!!