Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had such a great Thanksgiving!  I so enjoyed having a long weekend off to spend with my sweet husband :)

We started off with our traditional chicken enchiladas on Thanksgiving Eve!  (recipe here)

We had a great time eating & sharing a lot of laughs with my dad's side!

2nd married Thanksgiving :)

Headed to visit Jared's side. 

Friday, we did some target shooting on the farm to get ready for our conceal & carry class!

We finished up the night with some Christmas shopping and a hibachi dinner date.

Saturday was such a good day!  We spent the day decorating our house for Christmas and watching UL get a win in football & basketball!  (Sadly, my AU Tigers lost :/)  Jared and I buy an ornament on every trip so it's always fun unwrapping our ornaments and reminiscing on where they came from.

Saturday night, we relaxed on the couch & enjoyed our tree!

So thankful for this husband of mine. 

Sunday, Jared had to go back to work so after church I took this cutie (our cousin Cooper) to visit him at the fire station!  It was so fun watching Jared show him around the fire station & truck. 

I can't believe the holiday is already over and it's Monday!  I'm so excited that it's officially Christmas season and am looking forward to our favorite time of year in our house!   

Side note: all my posts keep aligning to the left no matter what and it's driving me crazy!  Anyone know how to fix this?


  1. Those enchiladas looks SOOO good. Now I am craving some Mexican. Yum! Love that you get ornaments on trips...I do the same and it always makes decorating that much more fun!

  2. The enchiladas look delicious, your other dish looks amazing, I mean my stomach is growling right now. Happy 2nd married Thanksgiving!

  3. Your tree looks beautiful! It also sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I hope that you had a good day today too. :-)

  4. I love mexican food anything--what a fun tradition!

  5. What a fun Thanksgiving!! Love the tradition of chicken enchiladas!

  6. What a yummy Thanksgiving food idea. I guess tradition is always so typical like turkey and ham, that I never thought to step outside of that box and do soemthing differernt. Good for y'all, yum! When is your conceal and carry class? I want to take one too.

    Kaitlyn @

  7. Your tree is so pretty!! And I've been thinking about a conceal and carry class - that's awesome. I love target shooting. Glad it was such an amazing weekend!

  8. Love your thanksgiving weekend, and i love your happy day

    Jessica |