Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was oh so great!
The week leading up to Christmas we drove around town to look at lights...
made our gingerbread house!

Had Dyl & Lauren over for our annual cookie making!

Loved sitting on the couch and looking at our pretty tree every night!  Side note: NEVER buy wrapping paper with glitter.  The red paper looks like it has glitter but it's not really glitter, the silver is ALL glitter!  I'm pretty sure my family and I will be finding glitter in our houses for months to come!!

On Christmas Eve Eve, I went to my grandparents and had a yummy pancake dinner and then helped my Grandmother prep for Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve!  Christmas Eve morning/afternoon we spent with my immediate family.  So much fun eating and opening presents! 
My first time making Christmas Punch - so yummy!

Christmas Eve night the whole Mann clan gets together and it's always a blast!  Cole helping Grandad go sit sweet :)

My Secret Santa knows me well :)

This year we played a game where you had to try to open a gift with oven mitts while the next person was rolling dice to get doubles and make it their turn!

Harder than it looks but SOOOO much fun!  There were wrapped boxes inside the boxes so it kept getting harder!


Christmas morning!  We slept in a little, opened stockings and had a pancake breakfast!
Christmas afternoon was spent celebrating with my brother and grandparents!

So much fun & too much to eat :)

Christmas night by our tree!  We were worn out from the celebrations.  We watched a movie and looked at our gifts again! 

The day after Christmas, Darlene & I ventured out to find decorations, paper, etc for next year!  I found so many great deals on indoor and outdoor stuff!  It was crazier out than I expected (like 100 people outside Hobby Lobby and running through the aisles with shopping carts kind of crazy)!

I can't wait to decorate next year and show you all!  We decorated before but this year we'll be adding another tree and a lot more d├ęcor throughout the house!

Sunday was full of church, football, Christmas with Jared's immediate family and then an early bedtime! 

We had so much fun celebrating with everyone and enjoying the real reason for the season!

We're working on taking all our decorations down this week and getting our house back in order. I love Christmas but when it's over, I'm over it and ready for our house to be clean and organized again! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a very merry Christmas! Always the best to get the after Christmas deals!

  2. Wonderful photos of what looks like a lovely Christmas! :-) FYI that Lush tunic is on sale for $25 dollars, just in case you want another one haha. :-)

  3. The opening presents with oven mitts game looks like so much fun! What a great idea. How long did it take for someone to get them open? Kate Spade is the best, isn't she?! I saw that book at TJ Maxx. That place is amazing when you're trying to shop for a variety of things. I can typically get everyones gift in one place. What was your recipe for Christmas punch? Hope y'all have a great New Years!

    Kaitlyn @

  4. I found your blog through an old link up. Your Christmas looks amazing. I really loved the maroon tunic you were wearing. Also, you are brave heading to Hobby Lobby after Christmas. :-)

  5. Beautiful post and pictures. Yes, this year was much more holy and I enjoyed it like never before.

  6. You had me at pancake dinner. Now where do I sign up???? Also, I love that scarf in your pictures. It looks so good on you! And cookie making...delicious!!

  7. That game with the oven mitts and dice is so funny!! I love how much Christmas spirit your town has with your first photo, too :)

  8. Oh what a fun Christmas! Wishing you a blessed new year as well!