Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I can't believe it's the second week of January already!  We had a mostly lazy weekend & enjoyed it so much!

Friday night we did dinner at home & cleaned off the DVR!

Saturday brought a lazy morning and then a visit to my mother-in-law for her birthday followed by my cousin Cole's 5th birthday party!
I was feeling plaid and gold on Saturday :)  Love my new necklace & bracelet (both are personalized pieces I received for Christmas - good job to my husband & Lauren)!

So glad we were able to go celebrate that sweet boy!

Cole's party was Paw Patrol theme so of course we were Marshall the fire dog ; )

Saturday night we had Netflix bingeing on the menu but wanted to grab a good meal first.  Jared suggested going to one of my favorite restaurants, CKB!  I am in LOVE with their buffalo mac & cheese?  It is delightful.

After dinner, we returned home to start binge watching Blue Bloods.  We love it so far!  Have any of you watched it?

Sunday, church was canceled so I decided to stay in and clean out my closet & drawers!  I did a complete closet cleanout and got rid of a ton late last year but have lost more weight and decided to do it again!  I love seeing my closet get more cleaned out & plan to keep reducing my clothing collection :)  Losing weight and having limited outfits has helped me get creative and see that I don't need as many clothes.  Several quality pieces with accents and accessories that I love can make a closet go far! 

Enjoying the first snow of 2016!  I'm really hoping we manage to get a couple good snows in this winter.  I want to go sledding!

I ended the weekend with painted nails for the week and a cup of hot chocolate with my grandparents.  Pretty good weekend!

Here's to hoping for a relaxing week!  I'm avoiding
 going out in this cold as much as I can.  Brrrr!!!


  1. I have those same rainboots! Polka dots are so fun. Good for you for cleaning out the closet. I took care of that task back in December. It looks like y'all had a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Love your plaid shirt and your personalized jewelry. Nice work on cleaning out your closet too, and you look beautiful too!! Have a great day!! :-)

  3. I need to get your motivation and start cleaning out my closet. I did some last year, but I really want to do a major purge! Sounds like a relaxing weekend that has you all set for Monday!

  4. Love the plaid top! Where is it from?

  5. That mac n cheese looks delicious! Good for you on cleaning out your closet. What do you usually do with your clothes when you clean out your closet? I've recently seen sites where you can send in your clothes and receive a credit to apply towards new clothes.

    Kaitlyn @ Kaitlyn-Danielle.blogspot.com

  6. I love those rain boots! Where did you get them? I am still trying to find a pair I love to wear this winter.

    1. They're from Target! I got them several years ago though!