Weekend Recap

So my weekend recap is crazy late this week!  This has been such a full week and we have been doing lots of business planning, projects, etc.  I'm so glad it's the weekend!  We are so excited to relax and recharge!  Plus, it's Valentine's Day which also happens to be my husband's birthday!

So back to last weekend...

Friday night we had dinner at my Dad & Darlene's!  Dad made steak...soooo good!  Grandad came and ate with us too and it was so nice to hang out with him!

Everyone else chilling out for the night as we headed back to our town (we live the next town over from my family but it's only 20 minutes)!  Excuse the walls (they're remodeling and redecorating)!

Saturday, Jared had to work the first part of the day so I finished touching up the paint in the bathroom, visited with my grandparents and did laundry.  Does anyone else wonder how on earth they can create so much laundry?!  I really don't mind laundry, I just cannot understand how we go through so much sometimes! 

Saturday night we went to a casino night to support a local sexual assault survivors agency!  It was a lot of fun and for a great cause :)

Daddy's girl :)

Sitting next to Mrs. Lucky!  For a Blackjack beginner, she hit 21 more times than I can remember!

Mann women!

Family.  Love this crew!!

Sunday was the Superbowl!  Honestly, we were so tired we stopped by a party for an hour and then grabbed takeout and finished the game at home.  I wore my Auburn shirt because I was supporting Cam and the Panthers!  I was in grad school at Auburn the year we won the National Championship.  So fun!! 

I was sad to see the Panthers lose!  Honestly, I was more disappointed in the halftime show and commercials though.  The Panthers just fell apart but what the heck is a puppy monkey baby and why were there so many commercials about going to the bathroom?!  I miss Budweiser puppy dogs & little kid Darth Vader's! 

I try to keep my page from being political or offensive in any way so if you don't agree with me on this then that's fine, but I was disgusted by what was allowed to go on at the halftime show.  That show is for entertainment for a football game.  I am disappointed that Pepsi allowed a song to be performed that is known to be anti-police.  How disrespectful to the police officers making sure they were all safe that day?!  You can have any opinion you want but I thought that was just wrong.

Congrats to the Broncos & Peyton though!  I know he hasn't announced his retirement yet, but I would be very shocked if that wasn't his last game.  What a way to end a career!  Side note: did you see his kids?  They are adorable!!

Hope everyone has been having a great week!


  1. What a fun weekend!! I'm not a Bronco's fan but I'm a Peyton fan and I'm so glad he finished out his career with a bang (I totally thought the Panthers were going to win though). I have to agree, I can't believe how awful the half time show was! I honestly didn't even realize any of that until the next day when everyone was upset and felt duped since we watched it!

  2. Maybe I wasn't paying attention closely, but I didn't know Bey's song was anti-police until after Super Bowl and I read articles on it... then I was like "WTF???" The only part of the game I really loved was Lady Gaga!!! She nailed it and I think her outfit and sparkly eye shadow was amazing!!!

  3. The casino night sounds fun!! I like blackjack too. Peyton Manning's kids are adorable and his wife beautiful. Random fact, Eli Manning and his wife were at the same resort at the same time that my sister was there during her honeymoon haha. I wasn't a fan of the half time show. I also find myself being over Beyonce now. I like her old songs much more than her newer songs. Loved Lady Gaga though! She is really an incredible singer.

  4. How fun!!! I was rooting for the Panthers too!! But they really fell apart. And seriously!! No puppies and clydesdales??? C'mon Bud!! I was so disappointed!!