Life Lately

Hi all!  I thought I would share a little life lately with you all today :)

A few weeks ago, I trekked up to Cincinnati to see Katlin & try on my bridesmaids dress!

Shooting fun in the country with some of my favorite men :)

Last week, we both had the stomach flu and were out of commission for almost a week!!  Once we felt better, life still involved a mainly Gatorade diet and lots of work on the couch.
Our pretty tree blooming in the front yard!  Spring really does show off God's beautiful work!

Last weekend, I went shopping with the prettiest, classiest & most fashionable lady I know, my Granny!!  I was able to hang out with Grandad afterwards too!

Easter on Darlene's side!

I'm feeling the spring cleaning fever!  I've been cleaning out closets like crazy, getting rid of a ton of stuff and trying to spruce up the house! 

That's what life lately has been in our house :) 

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. That picture of the tree in your front yard is gorgeous!!! I also love those other flowers, and your grandmother is so cute. :-) I hope that you have had a great week too!

  2. Looks fun! I love all the flowers and blooming things this time of year! I am feeling a serious spring cleaning itch too, though. Here's hoping for some time to clean things out around here!

  3. Life lately looks pretty good to me :)!