Weekend Recap

I'm recapping this past weekend today and it was a great one!! 

On Friday, I worked a half day and then Jared and I traveled to Louisville with my Dad & Darlene to see GARTH!! We were so excited :)

Waiting outside!


I seriously should have been born in Texas on a ranch, I could wear boots & a hat every day!

Dad borrowed my hat for a bit :)  He looks like a Ewing oil man!


Cardinal fries I tried for the first time!  I didn't eat very many (too many WW points but they were yummy!!)

Ready to go!

Excited for her first concert!

Garth was AMAZING!!  We all had such an awesome time at the concert!  

I'm honestly surprised I had a voice after the concert because I was dancing & singing the whole time! 

Headed home!  We all had so much fun together and at the concert :)  Such a fun memory to have!!

Unfortunately, Saturday morning I woke up with either food poisoning or the stomach flu...again.  Jared had to landscape so I spent most of the day getting sick or laying down.  It took me down.  It finally eased up in the afternoon so I had a very small dinner with Jared before he went back to the fire station and some time with my grandparents that night (I kept my distance just in case of course).  I slept most of the afternoon and all night though! 

Sunday, we mainly laid around (I was still recovering & Jared had a long night at work) but we did grab a yummy lunch with Dad & Darlene and did our grocery shopping for the week!  Afterwards, we just laid around and hung out the rest of the day which was exactly what we both needed :)
Food prepping for the week Sunday night!  Getting sick again inspired me to clean up my diet even more than I have.  I figured my stomach must not be very healthy if I keep getting sick so I'm really focusing on staying under my WW points this week but also doing it with cleaner & more natural foods as much as I can.  Having these snack baggies ready to go saves me a lot of time in the mornings and keeps me from grabbing unhealthy options!

Overall, it was the BEST weekend minus the getting sick part but I would do that all over again to have the rest of the weekend!   


  1. Ahh I just bet Garth is amazing in concert! So cool! Fingers crossed your sickness is gone for good!

  2. Hate that you got sick again; hope you are feeling better!! It looks like y'all had a blast at the concert!! Love your outfit, too, so cute!

  3. SO much fun! And loving your boots, such a fun color! So sorry you got sick again, stomach stuff is the absolute worst! Sending *hugs* that you don't experience anymore stomach upset <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Go you with the food prepping! We saw Garth on Valentine's Day and he definitely didn't disappoint!

  5. Girl! Those boots!!!! You look so cute! Do you take a pro-biotic? I never really "believed" in them, but after I started taking them, they make a world of difference!! I have always suffered from stomach issues and they have helped alleviate some of of the problem. I guess its from the "good bacteria"... Digestive Advantage makes a gummie, so I take it every morning with my coffee! Just tossing that out there, because I could blog all the time about the same thing!

  6. Garth was my very first concert back in Junior High!! :)

  7. So sorry that you got sick!! :-( Glad that you are feeling better though!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the concert and I love your boots!! :-) Hope that you are having a great week so far too!! :-)

  8. What a fun concert!! So sorry you got a stomach thing again - not fun at all! Hope you feel better!

  9. The concert looks like such fun and those friends look amazing! Sorry about the getting sick again thing though!