Weekend Recap

Today's weekend recap is coming to you a day late!  Yesterday was a crazy day from start to finish and a blog post just wasn't possible! 

We had a great holiday weekend & hope you did too! 

Friday started off with a girls lunch with Darlene!

I made a Derby pie for work on Friday (Derby weekend is a big deal here in KY and cannot be celebrated without my homemade derby pie)!  It was a huge hit :)

After work, Granny & I enjoyed some mani/pedis.  Nothing like a relaxing mani/pedi after a very long Friday at work!

Jared had to work Friday night so I went and spent some time with my grandparents.  Grandad liked my derby pie too!

Saturday was full of landscaping, errands to be run & some time in MC working on business things!   After being in an office all week, I love being outside on the farm on weekends! 

We had a nice dinner in at home and called it a night early after all that!

Lunch with Darlene on Sunday!

My favorite person.

These three.  Not sure what I would do without these guys!!  They take such good care of me :)

Darlene loved all her gifts!

Grandad Charles liked my pie too :)

The afternoon included a visit with my MIL, a trip to the grocery and some business errands.  We followed that up with dinner and the most recent Nashville...holy moly!  Anyone else watch that and shocked at the way things are going?

Our first grilled dinner!  Jared did a great job and I can't wait to enjoy dinner off the grill this summer :)

It was a very full weekend but a good one!  Hope everyone has a great week!  We have a lot to accomplish this week and not a lot of free time so I'm hoping all this rainy weather isn't going to kill my motivation and just make me want to curl up in a blanket & read ha!

The WINNER of the pineapple apron & towels is: ASHLEY SORRICK! 
Ashley, I sent you an email about claiming your goodies! 


  1. Love your yellow dress!!!!! It's so cute! That derby pie looks so good. Sadly the derby isn't big around here in Tennessee, or at least not in my family or friend group lol, but we did watch the race for a few minutes at a birthday party I was at this weekend. I think it would be really fun to have a derby themed dinner party, and have everyone dress up lol. If we did one next year I'll need that pie recipe!! lol ;) Glad y'all had a good weekend and got to enjoy the outdoors!! I'm hoping the rain stays away from us too!

    Woo hoo for Ashley winning the pineapple apron and towels!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ahhh I have not caught up on Nashville, but am super excited to see what is going on now. You have me wondering! Love how close you are with Darlene - super special!

  3. It definitely looks like the weekend was jam packed, but with lots of fun and family--nothing better!

  4. That yellow dress is gorgeous on you! And YUM to the Derby pie! <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. So glad that you had a nice weekend! That yellow dress on you is gorgeous.

  6. So glad that you had a nice weekend, girlfriend! YUM to Derby pie, and you look so pretty in that yellow dress. It's a great color on you!

  7. What a fun weekend!! Your Derby pie looks delicious and so does Jared's grilling!! Thanks again for the fun pineapple goodies!!! Can't wait to get them :)

  8. What a yummy grilled dinner! No Derby pie for me this year but my mom usually makes one for holidays at least ;)

  9. Your derby pie looks so good! You need to post the recipe! And we had our first night grilling about two weeks ago--there's just something about eating grilled food! So glad you had a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  10. That dinner and that pie look DELICIOUS. I love that yellow dress on you and I also love that you got to spend time with grandparents. That's the best!

  11. I love that the Derby is celebrated all weekend! I was really hoping to watch it on TV this year because we visited Churchill Down last summer but we were attending a wedding. So, next year! Your pie looks delicious!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House