One of my favorite parts of blogging/reading other blogs is finding new tips, products, clothes, etc. and I love sharing when I find great things as well!  Several weeks ago, my friend Carley contacted me about trying some BeautyCounter products and reviewing them here for you all.  Also, if you want to give the products a try after reading shop my party HERE.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!!

I do not live a perfectly organic or clean lifestyle but I'm trying to take steps to move our home, products we use, and food we cook in that direction because it's something I'm very passionate about.  When Carley contacted me about reviewing these products that are so much safer than other products I've been using, I jumped at the chance!

Did you know that there has not been a federal law governing the cosmetics industry passed since 1938?! Considering over 10,500 ingredients are used by the cosmetics industry, it's pretty scary to me that there's been a serious lack of regulation.  According to BeautyCounter, an estimated 90% of those ingredients haven't been tested by a publicly accountable body.  Scary.  The fact that the European Union has banned 1,400 ingredients for cosmetics and the U.S. has only done this to 11, shows me that we are way behind on protecting ourselves from harmful ingredients!  The statistics on chemicals like these causing cancer, reproductive and other health issues are enough to make me a lot more considerate of the products I'm using on my body. 

Enter BeautyCounter. I love that they have banned over 1,500 ingredients and make sure that no unnecessary ingredients are used in their products.  This makes me feel so good about using their products!  I borrowed Carley's basket for a week and not only did I feel super safe using their products, but I also felt like I was having a spa day everyday in my bathroom.  The products made my hair and skin feel so clean and moisturized, not to mention the products smell amazing!!

There were so many products I used & absolutely loved!

The Body Collection

Body Collection
I am obsessed with the shampoo, conditioner & body wash!  My hair is so silky and smooth after using their hair products!  They also have hand wash & cream that I can't wait to add to the sinks at our house as well :)

The Face Collection

Face Collection
I have always wanted a good skin care regimen but haven't been able to find one that worked for me.  Carley gave me instructions on how to use the face collection and I can honestly say my skin was the best ever that week!  The steps are simple and easy!  I used the routine clean daily alternating every few days with the exfoliator.  In the morning, I would then spritz with rosewater, add eye cream and then use a drop of the 1 oil in the AM cream.  In the evening, I would wash my face and then use the eye cream, apply about 3 drops of the 3 oil to my face and then moisturize with the PM cream.

The Countertime Collection

Countertime Collection
This collection isn't one I used because it's typically for signs of aging or extremely dry skin but I've heard wonderful things about it!  Shop the collection here

The Face Oil Collection

Face Oil Collection
I loved using the oils as part of my skin care regime!  They made a huge difference in how bright & moisturized my skin looked and weren't really greasy at all!

Baby/Kids Bath Collection

Kids Bath Collection
Baby Bundle Collection

For those of you with little ones, this is the collection for you!  Such great smelling products that you can use on your little one knowing they are safe!  The great things about all BC products but especially these is that essential oils are used which create the wonderful fragrance, not synthetic fragrance!  Shop baby & kids products here.  These products would make great baby shower gifts!


Enrich Body Butter

A few of my favorite other products were the body butter,

 Charcoal Cleansing Bar
I LOVE the Charcoal Cleansing Bar!  My face felt so refreshed after using this product!  I love it for a deeper clean a few times a week and it's a great product for the men in your life too.

Purifying Charcoal Mask
I didn't get to try the charcoal mask because it came out right after I finished sampling the products, but based on my feelings about the charcoal bar I can't wait to give this a try!  Charcoal is so cleansing & detoxifying and I can't wait to see how the mask improves my skin.



I haven't had the opportunity to try the makeup yet but I have heard rave reviews from those who have.  When I run out of the product I'm currently using I plan to give these products a try!  See all the great makeup options here.

Sun Care


I can't wait to order some safe sunscreen to use this summer!  There is also a great chapstick with sunscreen in it too!  See all Sun Protection products here.

Carley is being totally awesome and giving away a Rose Water Uplifting Spray to one of my amazing readers!  Enter the giveaway below to win!

There are so many things we cannot control about our health and safety but controlling the toxins and chemicals we put in or on our bodies is something within our control.  I am so excited that there is a company out there that creates such great products that I can use and love but still know that they are safe.  I know you'll love them and feel good about using them for you or your little ones :)   Also, if you need hostess gifts, birthday gifts, etc., some of these products would be perfect for that as well!  A hand wash & cream set would be the perfect hostess gift :)

Citrus Mimosa Hand Wash & Hand Cream Set

Some comments I've received from people who have tried the products in the basket:

- The eye cream makes my eyes feel super soft & hydrated!
- My face feels so clean!
- I feel like I've been at the spa in my own bathroom!
- I didn't even have to straighten my hair after I used the shampoo and conditioner.
- The body wash didn't leave any residue.
- Love the smell of the products!

I'm hosting an online BeautyCounter party & a pass the basket party!  If you're out of town, shop my party HERE and if you're local and want to try the products out, email me ( and we'll set up a day for you to try them & shop the basket!  I absolutely loved these products and want to share them with you! 

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  4. I've heard so much about Beauty Counter, and now I'm more convinced that I need to try some of the products. Thanks for the great review!

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    Green Fashionista

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