How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

(Excited to open my goodies during last year's sale)

It's almost HERE!!  I can't believe it but we're TWO days away from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  AKA my favorite sale of the year and when I do 80% of my Christmas shopping :)  Last year was my first year shopping the sale and I was totally unprepared.  I've put together my top tips for shopping the sale to help you all get the best deals :) 

Be sure to check out my tips & come back here on Thursday as I continually update my post with the best deals I find.  I will update the blog as much as I can but if you want to see the best deals in the fastest time, be sure to like my Facebook page HERE where I will post them as I find them.

1. Sign Up For The Nordstrom Card

Cardholders get to start shopping the sale July 14th and the sale opens up to the public on July 22nd!  I wasn't a cardholder last year & I still found such amazing deals!  As a cardholder this year, I can't wait to see what I find.  If you want to be able to shop all the best deals first, sign up for the card here!

2. Wake Up Early

The Nordstrom sale starts early in the morning and that means the early bird gets the worm!  I plan on being up before dawn to snag all the Christmas presents and to be able to put together Facebook updates and a blog post for you all with the best deals for you and some great gift ideas for later this year!

3. Order As You Go

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to pick out a bunch of stuff, go to your cart and find that some of the items are no longer available.  SO frustrating!  To keep this from happening, I do lots of orders as I go.  If I'm ordering 3-4 necklaces as gifts, I add them to my cart & checkout before moving on to the next thing.  Some items are more popular than others so you don't have to do this for everything, but for the big brands (Barefoot Dreams, Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, etc) I checkout as I go to keep from losing the items in my cart.  Nordstrom offers free shipping on everything so this doesn't add to the cost & lowers any frustration during the sale.

4. Order It All & In Multiple Sizes

Working in the financial industry, this is not my typical advice unless we're talking about the Nordstrom sale.  They have an awesome return & exchange policy (free both ways) so I definitely take advantage of that.  If I think I'm between two sizes in an item or can't pick between two colors, I order both and send one back!  This allows me to try on the item or see it in person, saves time debating between the two and it ensures that I have the options I want in hand and do not have to worry about the other size selling out before I know the one I ordered doesn't fit/look cute. 

5. Knock Out Some Christmas Shopping

The holidays are so hectic with all the parties, wrapping, decorating etc. so take advantage of this sale to go ahead and knock out some of your holiday shopping!  I love purchasing nice gifts at such low prices so that we can really treat our family members.  I am able to spend the same but buy so much more while at the same time making the holiday season easier on us because we don't have to rush to buy gifts.  The best part of this is that with Nordstrom's return policy, if you find something closer to Christmas you like better, you can return the item for free.  Who doesn't love that? 

6. Make A Wish List

It's easy to get swept up in all the good deals and order, order, order!  With the awesome free shipping & return policy this isn't too detrimental, but it can cause you to spend too much.  A lot of people shop this sale to refresh their fall wardrobe.  Take stock of your closet between now and the sale.  Do you need jeans, boots, accessories or a new bag?  Make a list of the items you would like to find for your closet so you have a guide to keep you on track.  The same thing goes for presents!  Make a list of who you have to shop for & some brands/items they like to help keep those in mind while you shop. 

Those are my top tips for shopping the sale!  I can't wait to see all the good deals and I especially can't wait to share my favorite finds with you all here & on Facebook.  There are so many pages & items to look through and I'll do lots of that work for you!  For those of you who aren't cardholders, check out what's on sale and make a wish list for when July 22nd arrives.  I'll do another post of the best deals at that point to help you find some great stuff too!

Deals are constantly added to the Nordstrom sale so be sure to stay tuned into the sale until it's over in case new things you want are added!  Again, make sure to like my Facebook page HERE to get the most up to date notices of what you need to check out in the sale!


  1. Thanks for the tips!! Lol, I'm always most excited to stock up on hanky pankys :)

  2. I shop with my sister's access and I can't wait!! Even though it's sort of overwhelming!! xo, Biana

  3. Agree with BLoved that it can be overwhelming! I am looking forward to grabbing a few "end of summer" items for our trip to Mexico in October...and I might do some Christmas shopping haha! We'll see :)

  4. Wow! You are on top of it! I need to shop with my friend this year :)

  5. I definitely have a game plan this year, too. It's kind of ridiculous how excited I am about this sale!

  6. Great tips!! I'm going to have to look into the sale this year lol

  7. Awesome tips! I could not be more excited for this sale! I finally caved and got their debit card this year so that I could have the early access :-D
    Green Fashionista