Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies!!  SO glad it's the weekend AND it's a long weekend which makes it even better!  We have fun plans this holiday weekend that we're looking forward to!  What fun things do you all have planned for the holiday weekend?

Before we get the weekend started, it's time to share some favorites with you!

It's officially September which means Fall is coming! I'm obsessed with Fall & Winter so I'm pumped my two favorite seasons are almost here. 
(FYI: if you like to plan ahead like me, Hobby Lobby already has Fall & Christmas stuff 40% off!)

This is so me to a T. My basic self definitely makes a strong appearance this time of year!

My new favorite lunch with my new favorite dressing! If you love ranch but want a healthier option, this new Greek yogurt ranch is seriously delish!

My new favorite exercise routine! I love my morning swims. They are so good for my physical health but they do wonders for me mentally too! I feel so ready to take on the day after!

It's less than one month til this sweet gal's wedding! Can't wait to celebrate one of my bestest on her special day!

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend! We're going to try to recover from the sickness that has taken over our house this week & tackle a few house projects with some date nights thrown in!

P.S. If you stocked up on a lot of fall items at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like me, go check the new sales. A couple items I purchased are WAY cheaper now so I ordered replacements and will send the ones I paid more for back. Like some things were almost $20 cheaper so it's worth taking a look to make sure you save money if you can on items already purchased or maybe you can snag another one of your wish list items you didn't splurge on for a lot cheaper now : ) I'll post links to some items I found a lot cheaper to my Facebook page today so be sure to check those out!


  1. That dressing is my absolute favorite!

  2. I was just at Hobby Lobby yesterday- love when they put out their Fall and Winter décor! :) Of course, I had to buy a few things to start off the seasons!


  3. Have you checked out Target's dollar section for fall/Halloween decorations yet? They have upped their game this year and I loved it all!! I am decorating for fall this weekend, woo hoo!! You go girl with your new swim workouts!! What time do you wake up in the mornings to workout?? It is so hard for me to wake up really early to workout before work lol. I hope y'all have a great weekend!! :)

  4. I didn't know Nordies was having a sale, thanks for sharing. Totally need to check that out. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. That picture with the girl and the cart full of pumpkins is so funny. Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons to decorate for too. Morning swims sound great!

  6. That fall meme was so funny and spot on!! I'm so excited for fall!!!

  7. Jared and I are hoping to stop in Hobby Lobby this weekend which I know will be dangerous because I'm going to want ALL THE FALL STUFF! Haha :) We try to limit ourselves to 1-2 things a year for fall otherwise our entire home would look like a Hobby Lobby itself. I JUST picked up that dressing yesterday so I'm glad to hear you love it- I haven't tried it yet!

  8. I'm sitting here drinking my PSL while reading blogs. So basic and I don't even care haha! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. Thanks for the reminder to check the sale items I already purchased...I was just looking at new stuff😉 Have a great weekend!!!