A Cincinnati Wedding

So I'm finally getting around to recapping Katlin's wedding weekend!!  It was a very fun weekend but it wore.me.out.  #oldladystatus 

The weekend was kicked off with a Thursday night rehearsal at their church followed by a rooftop rehearsal dinner & cocktails overlooking downtown Cincinnati.

Bride & Groom

Bridal Party!

9 years of friendship! Love this girl.

Jared stayed behind the first part of the weekend so I was happy to have these lovely ladies to hang out with!

Still obsessed with this dress.  Next time I have a fancy occasion, pretend you haven't seen it before okay? 

Telling stories around the firepit!

Saturday morning started off with me rousting the bride from her bed for our nail appointment.  In college, she had to drag me out of bed for class a lot of days but somehow I've become the early bird :)

Loved our monogrammed chambray shirts!

After nails, we ran some errands & had a yummy lunch!

We also stopped in for an eyebrow wax at this awesome place in downtown Cincy.  Alice rocked our eyebrows!

Love my Rust girls!

Friday night, Katlin's parents hosted a dinner at their house plus they surprised Katlin with a fireworks show!

We love our bride!


Makeup complete & now on to hair :)  I'm not one to put much of a color on my lip but I love the color our makeup lady used!

Ready to go!

Sweet Hannah!

Party bus...check! 
We had a stressful day but these guys kept us laughing!

Our girl is MARRIED!!!

Finally reunited with my family at the reception!!

Missed this guy SO much!

Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years since our wedding!  Doing life with Jared is my favorite thing every day :)

When you take boys to weddings and major sporting events are happening that night....

Daddy's girl for sure :)

I was so happy to be reunited with these 3!!! 

Sunday morning we slept in a little and then Jared took me to the Cheesecake Factory which was my only request after that long weekend!   It was so delicious and helped break up the drive.  The afternoon was full of laundry, football and relaxing on the couch! 


  1. 1. You are such a classic and elegant beauty! LOVE!
    2. How glam was that rehearsal dinner dress?! Obsessed!
    3. FIREWORKS!!!!! Wow!!

  2. What a fun and beautiful wedding weekend!! I'm like obsessed with everything you wore/got ready in lol The bridesmaids dresses are beautiful and you looked amazing!! Love that y'all had a day in between the rehearsal and wedding to get ready and run around!

  3. The brides rehearsal dress was AMAZING. And so was yours! I hope you get to rock that again soon! I am obsessing over the chambray monogrammed shirts, the gorgeous robes (and your make up!) and the bridesmaid dresses! Love it all!

  4. Such a fun wedding weekend! I absolutely LOVE the dress you wore to the rehearsal, so cute and you are rocking it!!!! Also, the chambray monogrammed shirts and floral robes are beautiful. You looked so cute for the whole weekend. Love how classy everything was.