Florida Trip Part 2

Today I'm recapping the second half of our Florida trip (you can see the first half here)!  This was my view each morning!  Gorgeous :)  Do you spy that lazy river?!  We did a lot of relaxing in there!

Watching the sun rise over the ocean.

Give me some sunglasses & a floppy hat and I'm beach ready :)

So much fun playing on the beach and in the pool with this guy!

Are they seriously not the cutest?  I have always traveled and done pretty much everything with my grandparents.  They are the best!

My grandparents took us to our favorite restaurant in Daytona this night, Aunt Catfish!  They have the best food.  I think Jared thought I was exaggerating about how good it was until we went and then he fell in love too!  We are still craving it a week later.

Enjoying the last few summer outfits before we return to fall weather!! (I was totally fine with this, bring on sweaters, booties & scarves!)

Happy times with my sweet husband :)  We needed and enjoyed this time away together so much.


YUM.  Aunt Catfish has an amazing salad bar with all the toppings you can imagine and a "camp fixin's" bar with cornbread, grits, baked beans, etc. that you eat before your meal even comes (this is why I wore a stretchy dress on this night).  Their dinners are delicious too and come with an amazing cinnamon roll.  It had been 5 years since we had been and I'm not kidding I talk about craving their food all the time and it was just as good as I remembered. 

After dinner, we went back to the condo and watched some of this craziness!  I wouldn't say I love everything about DJT but I am most definitely NOT with her. 

Quick & easy breakfast on the balcony before everyone woke up!  I love poptarts but won't allow myself to have them at home (heavy on WW points) but they were a nice vacation treat!

Walks on the beach with my grandmother are a tradition and so fun!

Love these 3 so much!!!

So on our last night we decided we wanted to have a nice dinner together and Jared and I both were hinting about Aunt Catfish again until we finally admitted we both wanted it and decided to go back.  It was even better this night and we were able to get back to the condo before the rain hit (we had perfect weather every day but a little rain on this night)!  If you go there, repeat after me "I will order the parmesan crusted chicken."  I ordered it to try it for the first time and could kick myself for not eating it over the years!

On the morning of our flight, we ate breakfast and hung out with my grandparents before taking one last walk on the beach.  This cutie!  Love him so much.

How being at the beach makes me feel : )

One last look.  I wish we could have stayed longer but 5 days was a treat for sure :) 

Home bound!! 

As soon as we landed, we drove home, unpacked, ate dinner, repacked my bags and the next morning I popped in the office for a couple of hours before hitting the road for Cincinnati because one of my best friends was getting married!!!!

I'm so thankful my grandparents invited us to sneak away for a few days.  We had so much fun!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites and I will recap the wedding weekend for you next week :)


  1. How fun! It's is amazing how some places just stick with you? I can definitely understand going back to your favorite restaurant more than once on vacation. :) That lazy river looks so lovely. And your grandparents are adorable!

  2. Awe looks like it was a fun trip! That's so fun that you do a lot of traveling with your grandparents. I love beach trips.

  3. We always do aunt catfish twice!! The best restaurant in Daytona for sure! Love the cornbread and grits! I will have to try the chicken next summer... I've never had it before!

  4. It looks like it was a phenomenal trip! So glad that you didn't plan it for this weekend!!

  5. I'm so glad the weather was so good for y'all!! It had been raining every day after work over here so I'm glad you got lots of beach time in!!

  6. Woo hoo! What a fun trip. Love all of your outfit- so cute! Your grandparents are adorable!!!! 5 days of good beach time is the absolute best after a busy summer!!!! :)

  7. I was just a typing away and then my comment disappeared--lol! That is so sweet you traveled with them always and especially as an adult. You'll treasure those memories. I hope Daytona holds up during the hurricane!