Weekly Favorites

Although I was very happy with our election results locally, statewide and nationally this week, I know that does not hold true for some of you.  It makes me so sad to see the reactions of people across the country to the results.  It is time to band together and realize that God's will was done, pray for our new leadership and focus on making a difference in our local communities.  The more goodness, mercy, love and gratefulness we put into the world, the more common it will become to receive it.  I truly believe that God has a plan for this country to get it back on a more moral and prosperous path and am hoping we will start to see that happen very soon.   No matter your political stance, please pray for ALL of our leaders.  I can't imagine the difficult decisions they have to face daily and they are going to need every prayer we can pray. 

Hacksaw Ridge

We went to see Hacksaw Ridge last weekend and loved it!  It was hard to watch, I threw my hands up in front of my face several times, but it was so worth it.  Seeing the moral conviction of Desmond Doss and his humble bravery was emotional, uplifting and a great reminder of the sacrifices our veterans make. 

I hear people say regularly that they just can't watch war movies.  I get that in a way but I feel like it's important to watch movies like this one so that we can't turn a blind eye to what our soldiers have gone through and so we can get the most basic understanding of the horrors they have seen and sacrifices they have made.  We cannot ever fully understand what they go through but by studying our military history, watching documentaries and movies and talking to the veterans we know, we can gain a better understanding and respect for what they have done.

 Festive Christmas Wear

I ordered this sweater and can't wait for it to arrive!  My family always jokes that I'm really an elf at Christmas so I think this sweater is perfect for me!!

Gilmore Girls

I'm so excited for the Gilmore Girls revival!! I've been binge watching all the old episodes and should finish just in time to see the new ones :)

Christmas Prep
Hanging out in my favorite aisle! I'm hiring myself out locally for gift wrapping this year so I'm extra excited about wrapping paper & bows right now!  I'm already plotting out in my head exactly how I want our house to look for Christmas and I can't wait to get started :)  I'm one of those people that believes trees go up the day after Thanksgiving and trees come down the day after Christmas.  Keeps it special!

Veterans Day

I shared this on Facebook last night and decided to share it here today too:

Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  With all the turmoil happening between political parties, I think it's even more important to reflect on tomorrow. In some countries, speaking out about your beliefs or against your government can have drastic and even deadly consequences. How lucky are we to live in a country where brave men and women are willing to fight for our right to speak our minds, live freely and have the right to participate in choosing our government.  No leader is perfect, we will all never agree on the perfect set of laws and policies to keep everyone happy,  and we may all have our complaints about different areas of government. Our society isn't perfect but if you take a look at the other countries in the world that are war torn, where women and children have no rights and are treated horribly, areas where Christians are persecuted, how can this not make you feel so very blessed to be an American? 

America isn't perfect but there is no other country I would want to live in. I'm so GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, and HUMBLED that our veterans have sacrificed their time, families and even their lives to continue to make this the best place in the world. America's worst day is a dream to people in other countries. Instead of arguing with someone over the election or social issues, posting something mean on Facebook or letting yourself become bitter, start making a change in the world tomorrow by thanking a veteran. If we all lived our lives with more gratefulness for the blessings and rights we do have, I am positive that we would live in a kinder and more respectful world. Veterans deserve the greatest respect we can give and we will never be able to thank them enough for protecting the life we're so lucky to live but a genuine thank you is a great place to start.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


  1. I absolutely love what you said about Veteran's Day. I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls too. I actually didn't watch it religiously while it was on so I've only seen a few episodes. I'm somewhere in season 5 so hopefully I finish by the time the new one is out. I really want to see Hacksaw Ridge. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I've heard really great reviews for that movie as well! I'm pretty pumped for the new GG episodes to air - it's going to be great!! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Umm I would love to wrap gifts for others - seriously my favorite! Love that sweater :) thinking of ordering one myself!


  4. YAS to all of this!!!!! Seriously can't wait until November 25th! That sweater is adorable, I love it!!

  5. Great post of Friday Favorites! I wish I could be good at gift-wrapping, but I'm just not lol. And I totally agree that decorating is totally acceptable the day after Thanksgiving :)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  6. I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the release!!

  7. My husband wants to see Hacksaw Ridge. I'll have to share your good review! And I cannot wait for Gilmore Girls!!

    Looking forward to getting back in the blogging groove! Hope all is well with you!


  8. Hacksaw Ridge is definitely a must see, especially considering it was Veteran's Day! It's amazing to think that war was like then and what it is today. I just think those people are so brave!!! Like you said, some parts were just a little gorier than I was anticipating so I had to advert my eyes, but still such a great movie!

  9. Amen to your first paragraph! I cannot believe the sore losers that are out there - there were NO riots when Obama became president twice.. goes to show that the double standard doesn't exist. rant over. Stephen wanted to see Hacksaw Ridge so that's good to hear it was a good movie! Let's be honest, we'll probably watch it at home though lol