AT&T Stadium Tour

See recaps of our day in Houston here, San Antonio here and the Magnolia Market in Waco here!

After a short drive over from Waco, we arrived in Arlington at the AT&T stadium!  Jared had been to a game here before but hadn't taken the tour and I had never been so we were super excited!

Excited to check out the stadium!

It was rally day so there were cheerleaders & former players signing autographs, lots of photo ops, games and more!

Starting our tour!

View from Jerry Jones business office during the games.

Ford plaza.

A glimpse of where we would be waiting in line to get in the next day!

This place was overwhelmingly huge!!

Retractable roof the same size as the cutout in the roof at the old stadium.  Love that they kept this tradition!

View from one of the suites!

Feeling like we could be suite people :)

I was so excited to see the DCC locker room!! Who doesn't love their show?!

They were closing the players locker room early this day because of the noon game and we were told we wouldn't get to see it which we were really bummed about.  At the last second before our tour ended we found out that not only would we be able to see it but that all the gear was in place.  Apparently it's extremely rare to get to go in there with the equipment so we really enjoyed that!

Press room!

Feet on the star!  We were able to take a professional photo on the star as well which is now proudly displayed in our gallery wall ;)

The screen is so huge!

If you are in Dallas, I would highly recommend checking out this tour.  We did the VIP tour and it was worth it!  We learned so much behind the scenes info and really enjoyed getting to go down on the field and check out the facilities.  They are supposed to be opening up their practice facilities to tours too in the near future so on our next trip we'll be checking that out!  To book a tour visit this page!

After our tour, we headed to Dallas to check in to our hotel!

We visited the Dallas Galleria which was as gorgeous as I expected! 

We had walked SO much between Houston and this point and were aching like old people lol.  I booked a last minute appointment for us at Vis a Vis spa in Dallas and it was exactly what we needed and the perfect way to finish our day!


  1. We visited Dallas and toured Jimmy's World a few years ago and it was an amazing facility! Loved seeing your Pics on IG! Never been a Cowboy fan, but I think Dak Prescott is making me one! He's awesome!

  2. Such a fun tour, and such a gorgeous stadium! I had no idea the cheerleaders have their own locker room too. So cool! <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome photos. I really hope I make it to Texas one day! I'd love to do Colorado or Montana sometime too!

  4. How much fun! So cool y'all got to take the tour when a rally was going on and ended up being able to see the locker room! No better way to end a busy day than with a couples massage!