Christmas Home Tour

I love our house year round but when it's decorated for Christmas is my favorite!!  The trees, lights and décor just add so much warmth and happiness.  We try to collect new décor pieces and decorations each year to add to our collection so each year Christmas in our house gets bigger!  I always go out the day after Christmas to snag great deals on things for next year so I can't wait to see what I come home with this year!

Our fireplace.  The advent calendar, joy sign and basket were new additions this year and I love them!! We need to add gas logs back into our fireplace but just haven't gotten it done yet so in the meantime these decorations fill it up nicely!! Once it's empty again, we'll hopefully finally get the logs put in!

Our main tree in the living room.  This year, we just used our ornaments we have purchased since we've been together on this tree.

Nighttime view.

Love sitting on our couch and seeing this view!  Tip: we purchased a photo album and put pictures of each ornament we purchase in it and write beside it where we bought it, what it represents, etc.  You think you'll always remember that stuff but you won't!

I added a few decorations to our shelves this year and hope to find more things to use next year!

I found these snowflake pillows the day after Christmas last year & love them!!  Also, please ignore the crookedness of our gallery wall.  I need to put the sticky things on the back of the frames so they won't move. 

Our second tree in our other living room.  We bought this tree after Christmas last year and used it to display all of our childhood ornaments that our families have given us so far.  One day, if we have kids I'll add another tree for all of their ornaments.  Basically my future dream house has like 15 trees in it.  #dontjudgeme

My grandparents gave me their piano a few weeks ago and I love it!  Jared had a great idea to do a mini Christmas village on the top of it and I think it looks great so far!  We're going to try and add a few more pieces for next year but I really like how it adds something to this area of the sitting room.

Dining room table!

Kitchen decorations!

There's even a little touch of Christmas in the bathroom :)

Firefighter tree in our office!

Guest room décor.

Master Bedroom.  I love that light up tree & you can see in the background, we added large plaid pillows to our bed to add more décor to this room.  There are Christmas sheets on the bed in here too.  I LOVE Christmas sheets but we can't handle flannel so I was tickled to find Martha Stewart cotton Christmas sheets last year!

That's our Christmas home tour!! I just love everything and can't wait to see how much better it looks next year too :)  I cannot believe there are 10 days until Christmas!!!!  I'll be soaking up this view for the next 10 days because we're definitely tree comes down right after Christmas people.


  1. Looks so great! I love multiple trees too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love all your little touches and especially love the way you decorated your fireplace.

  3. The house looks amazing! I love Christmas decorations!!!

  4. Love your house decorated for Christmas! It's so cozy! We totally go crazy the day after Christmas on super sale decorations lol We won't be getting back to civilization until the 27th and we keep joking and saying we're going straight to the stores lol

  5. Everything looks gorgeous! Especially love your mantle and fireplace area <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Love all your beautiful Christmas trees! The red ribbons just pops!

  7. Loved seeing your decorations! Most of my ornaments are from my travels! I decorate my bathroom too, hehe.

  8. Your mantle is amazing - that's my dream right there! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I love your house decorations, but your tree is just gorgeous. Love your house!

  10. LOVE all of your Christmas decorations, so cute and festive!! Also, my dream home will have 15 Christmas trees in it, judging here!! My mema gave me her Christmas village set this year for our house and I have been so excited about it and adding to it each year. I love yours on top of your piano, so precious!!

  11. Your house looks great!! I know you said your boss's wife does a great job, but you do, too!! Love your tree.... and your giftwrap skills are SO good.