Dallas World Aquarium, the Galleria & Grapevine

Today is my last recap of our Texas trip!  Our flight wasn't leaving until late Monday night so we had left this day open just to explore.

We decided to check out the Dallas World Aquarium!

It was a really cool place!  I think the aquariums in Cincinnati or Atlanta are probably my favorite as far as the fish exhibits but I loved how you felt like you were a part of the rainforest walking through this one.  It had a good layout and wasn't too crowded since we were there on a Monday!

Sharks are so creepy & fascinating at the same time.

They had a jaguar exhibit and I really wanted to see him but he was in the outdoor section when we were there so we just saw him on camera.  Still really cool though!

After we got out of the aquarium, we still had most of the day so we decided to drive to nearby Grapevine to check out the Gaylord Texan.  We always go to the Gaylord Opryland each Christmas to visit ICE and see the Christmas lights so we figured we'd see what the Texas version was like!

Lake Grapevine!

We LOVED this little train village and both said we wished Nashville had one!

The Gaylord Texan was really pretty but we were surprised how much smaller it was than the hotel in Nashville.  It was pretty cool but if you had experienced the Gaylord Opryland Christmas before this one didn't really compare.  They are working on an expansion though that is supposed to make it way bigger so we both said we'd love to go back after that is complete!

After we left, we were hungry and thanks to Yelp found our new favorite restaurant, The Cotton Patch Cafe.  Seriously, amazing.  It was in downtown Grapevine and I pretty much fell in love as soon as we turned and saw the main street before we even parked the car.  

After lunch, Jared knew he was taking me to explore.  Love that guy :)

This town is known as the Christmas Capital of Texas and they are not kidding.   It was seriously like every Hallmark Christmas movie dream I've ever had come to life.  I almost cried and I'm not even joking.  I love discovering new towns and I felt like this one was just meant to be.  

Windmills are special in our family so I was excited to see one all lit up!

The town preparing for the Christmas tree lighting that night.  Seriously, y'all where was the Hallmark film crew?!

We walked through some of the little shops and they were so cute!  There are a lot of wineries along the street and they have train cars you can buy rides on!

I then spent the rest of the day trying to convince Jared we needed to live here.  I haven't given up yet either!! I think we've settled on him taking me back next year if we have time to actually see all the decorations lit up :)  I was so bummed our flight wasn't even later so we could see them at night!

Mistletoe booth!  I'm telling y'all this town thought of everything.

After we left Grapevine, we headed back to the Galleria to grab a few things before our flight!

Y'all that sweet husband of mine could tell how upset I was not to get to go to that Christmas tree lighting so he drove me all the way back to Grapevine to drive past the street so I could at least see what it looked like at night before our flight.  So sweet.

We were finally home around 1am and this was waiting for me since it was officially my birthday!!  My dad & stepmom are the sweetest :)

Well, that's it for Texas!! We had the best time and made so many memories!! We're already planning to go back and can't wait :)

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  1. That town is adorable! I love animal exhibits, especially interactive ones where you can hold the animals or feed them.

  2. Such a fun trip! I'm with you, I think sharks are incredibly fascinating and super creepy at the same time. And that Christmas tree is HUGE! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Grapevine sounds like such a cool place! And those trees are so beautiful! Yay for the kissing booth!

  4. That town sounds PERFECT. I want to move there now, too!

  5. Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful trip to kick off the celebrations. You guys did a lot just in one day. Last time I visited Dallas I was there for an event and I didn't realize how much there is to do until this post. I need to go back and explore more!

  6. Grapevine is pretty cute!! I always forget about it, but it's totally adorable!! Anddddd I totally forgot to recommend Houston's to you! Next time. ;)