I'm so excited to finally recap our Texas trip! We had such an amazing time and I love having these posts to look back on! 

We flew out of Nashville at 5:30am the day we left (cue all the yawning) so we drove down the night before and stayed at the Best Western Plus Nashville Airport Hotel which was very close to the airport but still required a 3:00am wake up time!

Ready to fly!

We flew into Houston Hobby and this was our view driving into the city to our hotel.  We traveled to Houston to see the UL vs. Houston football game that night and needed to find some fun things to do during the day!  We decided on the Space Center & NASA!

On our ride through NASA! 

The old command center.  It was really so interesting to see where a lot of the missions we learned about in school or saw movies about were controlled.  They haven't altered anything so seeing the technology was crazy.  The fact that they could get people to space and the moon using technology that couldn't even power an app on our phones now is just mind blowing.  

We were able to go in and see some of the training facilities and they pointed out the buildings were new technology is being worked on for the Mars exploration.  The NASA compound was huge & I am definitely in awe of all that goes on there.

We were able to go in the building and see the Saturn V rocket and cue me feeling the size of an ant!

So much fun adventuring with this guy!

It amazes me how big what we send to space can be.  Mind blown.

We still had some time to kill before the game so we drove back into downtown Houston.

and decided to drive over to see the Water Wall!  I had heard it was impressive but seriously, it was amazing!!

These pictures are the front and back of the wall.  It was relaxing spending time walking around it in the middle of an otherwise busy city.  You could feel the mist coming off of it which felt great too!  If I lived in Houston, I can promise you lots of blog photos and reading time would happen here.

For dinner, we grabbed some traditional Tex Mex which I was loving (Jared not so much lol).   I love Texas food!

Ready for the game!

The game ball and state and American flags were flown in via parachuters who were also spinning around in the sky looking like rockets.  So cool!

We had great seats and sat by some really great people but this game was heartbreaking.  This picture was taken before the game started and that stadium was PACKED when it did.  When we saw the first play, we knew it was going to be a rough game but we still didn't expect it to go as badly as it did.  

Even though we lost, it was still so fun to go see another team's stadium, I sat by a couple who worked at NASA and loved talking to them and I was able to finally experience football in Texas and it was everything you think it would be.  

We headed to bed after the game to crash because we had to get up early to head to San Antonio!

I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites and then will finish recapping our trip next week :)


  1. What a fun trip! I haven't been to Houston in years but I had a blast when I was there! And they have Pappasito's which is pretty much my fav Tex-Mex! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Your Texas trip looks like an amazing trip! I so want to do some traveling at some point in my life! The Water Wall looks so cool!!

  3. What a fun start to your trip! NASA sounds so cool, as does that water wall!

  4. What a fun first day of y'all TX trip!! Everything in the space industry still blows my mind lol