Weekly Favorites

We had to take a short road trip yesterday for an appointment and I loved this book so much I finished it on the trip!  I will talk more about it in my December book review but if you want an uplifting read on God's faithfulness (exactly what I needed) then this one is for you! 

Thanksgiving weekend with these peeps was a definite favorite!!

I recapped day one of our trip to Texas this week!! Reminiscing on our day in Houston was definitely a favorite this week.

Other favorites:

- I'm getting my hair cut today because I.Can't.Take.It.Anymore.  I stuck it in a bun this morning because I just couldn't even handle the thought of dealing with it today.  I've noticed this is now a trend.  I started looking back at pictures to get an idea of the exact length I wanted and realized that I chop my hair off every year in the last week of November or first of December lol.  Maybe this is my personal holiday beauty tradition.

- We are having our families over this weekend for a pre-Christmas celebration and we can't wait!
- We have a double date planned tonight with one of my bridesmaids I haven't seen in way too long and I'm super pumped!

- Cowboys are 11-1. Enough said.

- Answered prayers have happened this week and I'm so thankful. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I've thought about chopping mine off too but I'm staying firm! I just look younger with longer hair! Can't wait to see yours! And I'll have to add that book to my reading list. Have a great double date!

  2. I am looking forward to reading The Magnolia Story over the week between Christmas and New Years when they close work for the week. Everyone seems to love it!

    The Cowboys are surprising this year with their two rookie stars. I enjoy seeing the joy they've brought to the game, even as a Steelers fan.

  3. I want this book :) Love this Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  4. I chopped my hair off early November - tis the season. :) I have that book in my reading pile - I really need to just open it!!! So thankful for answered prayers!