Unique JORD Watch for my Brother

Being a big sister is one of my greatest privileges!  My brother and I have been inseparable pretty much all of our lives.  From the moment he was born, I have had a built-in best friend, someone to share the bad and best times with, a travel buddy and the best support system.

We talk pretty much every day and have an unbreakable bond.  I am so proud of my brother and the man that he has become!  He is my hero.

When JORD contacted me about reviewing one of their men's watches and I saw this one, I knew it was perfect for him!  My brother is the only person I know who can be in a tux at a gala and fit in or be in camo hunting and fit perfectly there too!  This watch was a perfect mix that represented him just right!  The dark wood and green face provide a rustic feel but the watch is made so well that it has a dressy feel to it too.

I loved the presentation of the watch when it arrived!  It came with a cleaning cloth and pen which is very helpful!

The wooden box with a magnetic lid was a great benefit too!  It provides great storage for the watch while also doubling as making the watch even more impressive for gift giving.

My brother loved the unique watch I picked out for him!

See his exact watch here!

The large faces on men's watches makes such a statement with their outfit!

I love my brother so much and am so thankful he loved this cool watch!

I was very impressed by the quality of JORD watches and would recommend the men's watches (see those here) or women's watches (see those here) for anyone on your gift list!  I was so thankful to be able to select a gift for my brother that represented some of my favorite qualities of his and that he loved it and will be able to wear and enjoy it!  Being able to treat this awesome guy and remind him how much he means to me is always a great feeling!

Valentine's Day will be here soon so be sure to check these out!  A great watch would be a perfect gift for the special guy or gal in your life!

JORD is giving away a $100 credit towards a JORD watch of your choice!  Be sure to enter the giveaway here!


  1. Your brother is so cute - what a great opportunity to give him such a nice gift!

  2. What a beautiful watch! Such a sweet gift!