Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies!!

I'm so thankful it's Friday!  I'm keeping it real with you all today.   I'm exhausted.  For some reason my body decided about a week ago that it can't sleep more than a couple hours a night and I.am.so.tired.  This has been great for binge watching on Netflix but not so great for my mentality, alertness and productivity.  I have been keeping up with my healthy eating for the most part but I have not worked out at all.  Here's to hoping for some extra z's this weekend and lots of energy next week!

First things first, I love The Vampire Diaries! Yes, I know it's a teeny bopper show but I don't care.  I started watching it years ago and still love it.  The series finale is coming up and Nina Dobrev just announced that she will be returning for it!  So pumped!  I am currently binge watching the first 7 seasons again while I work which makes me even more excited to watch the final episodes!

I mentioned once before that I was cutting down to 4 days a week in my office at my full-time job.  While this has made my 4 days busier and more hectic, it has been totally worth it!  It's so nice having a day in our home office each week to work on our personal businesses, take care of things like prepping taxes and more!  I just finished redesigning our website which you can see here!  If I didn't have this time there is no way that would be finished yet.  You will also see an increase in better posts, photos and topics around here because I dedicate a little time that day to working on this space too!

Ignore the circles (#teamnosleep).  I'm loving my Shakeology shakes for breakfast even more this week because my tired brain can make them quickly and get out the door for work.

Be sure to check out yesterday's post where I showed you which watch I recently gifted my brother with & why!  It was definitely a favorite to be able to give him this gift & there's a giveaway opportunity at the bottom of the post!

I am helping my grandmother organize all our family photos and I found this gem of my brother and I on the farm when we were little.  We still look the exact same just taller!  We've always been country living people and always will be :)  So many great memories of growing up there! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Those watches look amazing! And lol at team no sleep! Dark circles are no joke, and mine don't ever seem to go away no matter how much sleep I get *sigh*. Happy Friday gurlie! <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Love that old pictures of you. So cute! What do you put into your shakeology shakes?

  3. What a difference a day at home makes! I'm glad you are able to get some work done! Good for you for helping your grandmother organize old photos. I absolutely LOVE looking at old family photos!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh man, not sleeping sounds awful! I hate it when that happens! Hope you get a restful weekend!

  5. That's great you're able to work four days a week so you can work on your personal business. Omg I don't even want to think about taxes!! That watch is lovely--I can see why he'd like it. I grew up in the country but am the only one in my family who moved to the city!