How to Build a Gallery Wall

Today we're going to talk about How to Build the Perfect Gallery Wall!  I'm so excited to finally share this finished project with you all today!  I have been working on this area and gallery wall off and on for about a year.  This seems ridiculous for such a small area!  I just kept getting distracted by other projects.  I'm sharing my process first but be sure to check out all the reveal photos below!

I knew I wanted to mix & match frames on this wall so it wasn't too uniform.  I started collecting frames in the brown/gray/black family as I found them on sale.  All the frames came from Target, T.J. Maxx and Hobby Lobby.  I bought more than I knew it would take so that I could lay them all out and pick and choose and then return the ones I didn't need.

To get started on building the gallery wall, I measured the wall and then used our other open area (that I'm still working on) to lay out the frames the way they would look on the wall.  I used post-it notes to mark the ends of the walls and the center and started laying out the frames the way I wanted them to look.

After I had it laid out in a way Jared and I both liked, I took a picture so I wouldn't forget and began hanging the frames on the wall.

I recommend laying out a soft blanket underneath where you're working on hanging frames.  It saved a few frames from breaking when they slipped out of my hands.

I started by hanging the very center frame and then slowly worked my way outwards.  This process isn't going to be perfect!  I had to rehang a few pictures to get them exactly where I wanted but I just slowly worked out each way until it was done.  Special shoutout to my little brother who came over one night and helped me hang all of these.

After hanging the frames, we selected photos to fill them and actually put them in there in a hurry before we had family over for Christmas (thanks to my brother, Jared & Lauren for getting those in there for me while I finished cooking!  #teamwork).

After the holidays settled down, we decided to finish styling this gallery wall so I straightened out the frames and put the little stickers on the back to hold them in place.

We had been looking for chairs to go under the gallery wall for a while.  We had these in there temporarily during Christmas to make room for our tree and I had so many people comment on how much they loved them there and so did we!  Jared and I talked about it and decided to move those to the front room and find a replacement piece(s) for the living room. I will reveal that final layout soon!

We love these chairs!  They are so handy for putting on shoes before you walk out the door and really add a lot to this wall because you see it as soon as you walk in the front door.  I added a few magazines & our wedding shower guest book to the table.

My biggest gallery wall tips:
- Collect pieces/frames/etc. that you love as you go so that you're not rushing out and just grabbing stuff to make it work.
- Measure the space you're using and map it out on the floor.   Lay everything out and rearrange until you love it.
- I picked frames and then filled them with photos which made it much less stressful for us.
- Buy the stick-on rubber tabs you can stick to the back of the frames.  This will keep them straight on the wall and they won't slide.  (I buy ours at Lowe's)
- Fill it with what you love.  Family is everything to me so I love seeing these photos everyday when I walk in our house.

We are tickled pink with the final reveal of our gallery wall area!  Now to finish the other wall.  Stay tuned because I will be having a living room and dining room final reveal coming soon (just have to photograph it!).  That leaves one wall I have left to decorate in the whole house!  I'm looking forward to finally having everything complete.

Chairs (same style)/Table (exact)/Lamp (exact)

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