Minimizing Our Home

I get on random clean out every drawer, closet and room in the house kicks several times a year and a few days ago I felt a need to do a complete spring cleaning.  I am trying to do at least one spring cleaning task every day and I'm sharing those challenges & showing how I completed it on my Instastories every day.  If you want to follow along, find me here.

This time around I am not only wanting to do a major clean out but I want to minimize our home as well.  Now that I've started working from home one day a week and am working so hard on our businesses, any clutter in the house makes me feel like I'm suffocating.  I know that sounds extreme but clutter and disorganization in our home stifle me creatively.  I need a clean, put-together space to work efficiently in.  Anyone else feel this way?

Jared and I are not hoarders by any means.  We both love organization and do not buy a bunch of stuff.  Each change of season, I do a decent clean out but I swear somehow we still have so much stuff!  We are only two people and we just don't need that much in reality.  Our house is very put together and our closets aren't bursting but I still subconsciously feel the excess.  When I go to put on my makeup for the day and use 10% of what's in the drawer, wear the same favorite items in my closet or only use a few items regularly in the drawers of our home office desk, I become painfully aware that even though I thought our home was minimal, it's not.  If we only kept what we used on a daily, wait - even weekly, basis I bet we would all be able to get rid of 80% of what's in our homes.
 How do I plan to do this?

By getting rid of so much stuff.  I am working my way room by room and drawer by drawer and getting rid of anything we don't use regularly or really need.  I am minimizing clothes, office supplies, beauty, kitchen and decor as well (less is more sometimes).  I started today by working on a few areas of our house.  I completely cleaned out the vanity in our main bathroom.  I went through my makeup and only kept what I use every day.  That awesome Naked palette I haven't used in almost 2 years, gone.  The 10 lip glosses/stains I'd received and never used, gone.  I was left with exactly what I need each morning to get ready.  I went through all my hair and body products and used the same minimizing process there.  It's amazing how much more room there is in the vanity now and I know that I'll continue to clean out more as I use products up too.

I also went through my gift wrap/bag/card collection today too.  I only kept rolls of gift wrap that were almost full and gift bags that I knew I would be using this year.  I had lots of cards ready to go but when holidays came up it never failed that I would forget I had them or see another one I liked better.  I kept about 4 cards that I will be using in the next few months and got rid of the rest.  What used to be a full tote that could barely close under the guest bed is now half empty and only full of things I will be using soon.

Both of these things might seem so small but doing this minimizing challenge throughout the entire house will really add up to make a big difference.  I feel so much better about the state of our house already that I can only imagine how good I will feel when I'm finished with the whole house.  I want our house to be functional, warm and cozy for us to relax in and allow us to accomplish our goals in it.  If we only keep what we need and our favorite things then our home will feel even more "us" than it already does and leave us the space to get creative and focus more on what really matters.
Minimizing the things in our home will also lead me into simplifying all of my processes and routines too.  I will definitely be sharing updates as I go along with pictures of what I'm doing and suggestions on how to minimize your home as well.

Are you a less is more or keeps everything type of person?  Do you work and live better in an uncluttered and organized house as well?

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