Taking Charge of My Health

I've talked before about health being my primary focus for 2017.  I wanted to share with you all today a little bit more about what that means to me.  I believe that so much more goes into your health than what you eat and your exercise level. I truly believe it's being in great health physically, mentally and spiritually.  I wanted to share with you all the ways that I'm working on this to hold me accountable and maybe to give you some ideas too!

Before I get started, I wanted to remind you all I'm posting a spring cleaning challenge each morning on my instastories and then a video/photo of what I did later that day.  I'd love for you all to do it with me!  One thing a day can really add up and not feel so overwhelming!  Find me on Instagram here.


I think physical health is two pronged.  What you eat and how much you move.  I don't think you can be completely successful with being healthy if you're not paying attention to both of these.  I am currently doing Weight Watchers to focus on my eating and T25 and walking to work on the exercise component.

I have been working on seeing food as more of a fuel to keep me energized and working hard to accomplish my goals and less as a treat to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong, I want to enjoy what I eat but changing my mentality on this helps me to better control my appetite.  I have so much I want to accomplish each day and nourishing my body with the right foods and portions allows me to feel better and be more productive.  Think about it.  If you eat a heavy, greasy lunch you tend to feel lazy and blah the rest of the day and who can feel motivated feeling bloated and tired?  It's amazing how much of an effect this has had on my eating habits.

Working out for me is huge for seeing changes in my body but it also could fall under the mental health category too!  I am a lot less stressed and more calm on the days I workout in the mornings.  It gets my endorphins going, completely clears my mind and just makes my days better all around!


You can be in the best health physically but if you live in a stress bubble and don't take care of your mind, you're not healthy.  From experience I can tell you that stress takes a major toll on your body and isn't healthy.  You have to find what relaxes your mind and allows you to clear it and refresh.  For me, I walk, read, pray or sketch ideas.  Walking outside and being in nature and getting fresh air always helps.  I also find that reading and praying also instantly improve my mental state when I'm stressed.

If I'm feeling completely overwhelmed, one of my favorite ways to cope is to grab some paper and write a comprehensive list of what all I need to do so that I have a clear picture and can get a game plan together.  Or sometimes I just draw random things that I've been designing in my head, etc.  Basically, I decompress by getting as much of what's clogging up my brain out on paper as possible.  Try it!  It really works.

I'm trying to put these things into practice daily to help me stay focused on what matters, stop myself from being overwhelmed (or at least a little less overwhelmed haha) and to make sure I'm present in what I'm doing.


My spiritual life is so important to me.  I have a huge amount of faith but I am guilty of not making time to read my bible or do my devotionals daily.  I let other things jump to the front and that is something I am really trying to work on.  It is so important to spend quality time each day with God to stay focused on how He wants me to live and to cultivate an even stronger relationship with Him.
I attend church almost every Sunday but that is not enough.  I am working on prioritizing time to do a devotional or read my bible each day.  I'm currently finishing up The Power of a Praying Wife and then starting Uninvited but I'm always looking for recommendations for good devotionals!

I believe all three of these are necessary for me to be in the best health and they really all work hand in hand.  I believe that God gave us one body and it's our responsibility to keep it healthy inside and out to be able to do the work he wants us to do.

These are the things I'm focusing on this year to be the best version of myself for my husband and family.  Do you work on all three of these?  Any tips to share on how you maintain a balance or work on these?

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