Fitbit Blaze

I'm so excited to share today's post with you!! I purchased a Fitbit Blaze a few months ago and promised to review it once I had used it for a significant length of time so I could give you all a fair & honest review.  I am in LOVE!!  Previously, I had a Polar Loop which I would recommend to anyone who just wants basic step information.  It's a lot smaller and is waterproof.  However, if you're like me & wanted more information you will love the Fitbit Blaze!

I love that it looks like a watch and has bands that are interchangeable.  I just wear my plum colored band 24/7 because I've found that it matches pretty much everything I wear.  There are some cool band options on Amazon I may try at some point though.

I was worried that the splurge wouldn't be worth it when I bought it but I was so wrong.  It keeps me much more active!  I love that I can check different stats throughout the day and that it will remind me every hour how many more steps I need to get before the hour is up to stay on target.  This keeps me from staying at my desk too long without moving.  When it buzzes to remind me, I take a few laps around the office or just move around a little bit.  I need & love those reminders!

I also love the fact that you can tell it when you're working out and pick between a few different types so it can track your heart rate, calories & time.  I love seeing those after-workout stats!

I downloaded the Fitbit app so that I could bluetooth my Blaze to my phone.  This allows me to set alarms, read text messages and answer or decline calls through my Blaze.  I didn't realize how handy this would be!  When I'm in the middle of something I can just glance at my wrist and see if it's a text I need to respond to right away or if it can wait.  I've also found that alarms on my wrist wake me up better than the alarm tones on my phone.  As someone who struggles with waking up this has been very helpful!

Something I really didn't care about but ended up enjoying was my sleep tracking.  I found it interesting but never thought it would be that helpful but I was definitely wrong.  I like to see how much restful sleep I get each night and try to increase that amount each week.  I didn't realize how restless I was and how that made me so tired all the time.  It allowed me to see that and make some changes to allow myself to be more rested and make sure I'm getting enough sleep!

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, I highly recommend the Fitbit Blaze!  I have been very impressed with it and am bummed when I have to charge it (I try to do this while I'm in the shower/getting ready so I don't miss many steps!).  That's another thing!  The charge holds for several days at a time which is so nice!

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