DIY Doterra Natural Cleaning Products

I have been interested in making my own cleaning products for a long time but never took the plunge.  After falling in love with using my essential oils diffuser and home essentials kit, I decided to finally give it a try and am so glad!

The breaking point for me was that the last time I sprayed my commercial air freshener it gave me a 3 hour headache.  That stuff just isn't good for you!  I started with 4 cleaning products and am going to keep adding as I can to move our house in a more natural direction.

I made On Guard cleaner, Linen Refresh, Fabric Refresher and Hand Sanitizer and love them all!  I am sharing the recipes I used below that came from my Doterra rep and sorority sister, Carlin.

 Follow her oils account on Instagram here to see how she uses them in her daily life and tips on ways to help your family with oils.  I love her tips!!

On Guard Cleaner

Fill a large bottle with purified water
I added a few drops of Lemon for the smell
Shake well before spraying & you're ready to go!
I'm honestly amazed at how well this product works cleaning in our bathrooms and kitchens!

Linen Refresh

Fill a small bottle with purified water
Add 1 Tbsp Witch Hazel
15 Drops Lavender
Shake well before spraying!
I love using this on our sheets every day to keep them fresh until their weekly washing!

Fabric Refresher

Fill a small bottle with purified water
Add 1 Tbsp Witch Hazel
Add 15-20 drops of Purify (eliminates odors)
Add 15-20 drops of On Guard (immunity support)
Shake well before spraying!
This is perfect for spraying down curtains, couches and chairs to keep your living areas smelling fresh and clean.

Hand Sanitizer

Fill small bottles with purified water
I used 6-10 drops of On Guard
A few drops of Lemon for the fresh scent
Shake well before spraying!
I made several of these to keep in my purse, car, desk and more so I'd always have some around.

I purchased all my essential oils & concentrate directly from Doterra.  The blue glass bottles came from Amazon and I purchased the purified water & witch hazel from Target.

I love my pretty bottles of cleaning products but I really love that they don't make my head hurt and I feel 100% safe using them in our home.

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