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I've been keeping a big secret around these parts!  I've hinted around that we've been working on some big projects in our house and that is true!  We have lots of projects going on right now but the biggest one of all is our new paper & gifts company!

Peacock Paper & Gifts has officially launched and I'm so excited, terrified and proud to share it with you!  I am an organization and planner obsessed girl and love good paper products.  I have spent years searching for a planner that incorporated everything I wanted on the inside to keep myself organized with a cover that was fun to carry in my purse on the weekends but could be taken into a meeting in the office during the work week!   I finally decided to take my passion for organization and turn it into a company.

Countless hours of praying, designing and working on this new passion project have taken place over the past several months and I'm just so thankful that the secret's out finally!  I am also beyond thankful for a husband who encouraged me to chase this dream and has been there every step of the way, so much support from friends, family and fellow bloggers and the best website/logo/branding designer EVER.

Peacock Paper & Gifts first products will be a daily & weekly planner!  These will be for the 2018 calendar year.  We will be doing academic calendars next year for 2018-2019!  Be sure to subscribe to our email and follow our social media accounts below so you will be notified as soon as products are available!  We will be offering pre-sales on the 2018 yearly calendar soon so stay tuned for that announcement.  After the initial Peacock Paper & Gifts planner rollout, we will be adding more household and office paper goods!

I hope you all will love these planners!  So much time & effort has gone into making sure they have everything you need to help you stay organized in a stylish way!

Check out our website here, click the contact link and be sure to subscribe!  Our email subscribers will be the first to be notified of product releases, sales, special promotions and more!  Follow us on social media too!! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

I am really trying to get the word out about our new company so I would really appreciate any follows, subscribers, likes or shares you want to give our company :) I will be so very grateful!

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