Louisville Day Trip

I love vacations but day trips are a close second!   This past Saturday we traveled to Louisville for the day.  We needed to look at some new trailers for the business and decided to make a day of it!

We started our morning checking out trailers!  We are so grateful that our lawn care company keeps growing!  It's a huge blessing and we are so thankful.  It's about time to upgrade our trailer in the next few months so we went to scope out exactly what we wanted.

It was also at this point in our day that I realized something was NOT right with me.  I had Jared take me on a detour to Urgent Care.  For those that live in Louisville, Baptist Health Urgent Care in Jeffersontown was amazing!  The sweetest ladies took care of me and had me in and out with my prescriptions in under a half hour.  Bladder infections are so fun!  Luckily, this only detoured us for an hour and one of the pills they gave me completely makes the pain go away (if you suffer from these and need to know shoot me a message and I'll give you the name...magic medicine!).

After dealing with that, we jumped right back into our day of fun!  We spent some time shopping and exploring around town (and even ran into Jared's boss...such a small world!).

Then, my awesome and super patient while I look at everything husband (just kidding, he hates taking me to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods because I could spend a whole day there!), nicely took me to my two favorite grocery stores and actually found some things he wanted to try and was pretty darn patient while I explored.  Maybe we should buy trailers more often ;)

I found lots of great healthy and vegan-friendly options that I'll share my thoughts on as I try them.  If you aren't already, be sure to follow me on Instagram because in this super busy season I tend to update things there the fastest.  I shared on my instastories that for stomach reasons I am avoiding meat and cutting out dairy when I can and that it's helping!

We ate a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to wrap up the day and then headed home!  We had such a great day together.  It really is the little things!

We bought cheesecake to go and enjoyed that when we arrived home while catching up on Nashville.  Yes, I know cheesecake has dairy and yes it made my stomach hurt.  I said I was going to cut out dairy when I could but my bladder hurt and darn it I just needed some white chocolate raspberry goodness to end the night with :)  On a side note, I haven't had any dairy since and am feeling even better than before!

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