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Happy Friday!!

Whew! This may take the cake as the craziest week of my life. Maybe only second to wedding week! Planner launch, solar eclipse, doctors appointments, you name it we've done it this week!

I've alluded a few times to going to the doctor and having some issues and I'm working on a post detailing all of that for next week. I'm not going to lie, it's a struggle. I'm an extraordinarily private person. Few people outside of my immediate family know a lot and I struggle to open up about it. Why? Because it feels like a weakness I guess. But it's not. As Hannah (one of my fave bloggers) shared in this post this week, as humans and Christians we want community and when we bottle stuff up and keep it to ourselves it can feel even more scary and lonely. So I'm ripping the band-aid off and am working on my most raw post yet.

 Moving on to the positives this week!! There really have been so many!

My doctors appointment may have had some negative news but it did have one major positive. I'm cleared to run! I'll share more on this in my health post next week but I'm so excited! I have started trying to run a few mornings this week and I love it so far! Please share your running tips - I'm a complete newbie again!

Planner pre-sales launched Monday! If you haven't seen them yet, check out our new Essential Planners here! They come in a daily & weekly version and I think you'll love them! Big news: we've started shipping internationally!! Be sure to snag yours while they are marked down & come with a free gift!

As if Monday wasn't a big enough day, it was also the Solar Eclipse! I wasn't as excited about this as everyone else but it was pretty cool. We had a big potluck at work and our spouses were invited so it was cool to watch it with Jared!

My new favorite vegetarian lunch! Yes - I'm still not eating meat. No, I do not care if you do. It's a personal choice because it doesn't taste good to me right now but if you want it, by all means go right ahead! I did eat some meat Tuesday because after my big blood draw I was super weak and Jared felt I needed iron. We ate Mexican and I ordered steak fajitas (lots of veggies to sneak in the steak). It wasn't awful but it just tasted like dirt. My how my taste buds have changed! Ill take veggie sushi & a salad any day : )

These pajamas are the best ever. Y'all know I don't recommend expensive stuff often. I don't like splurging on myself but these pajamas I do not feel guilty about. I snagged two pairs in the anniversary sale and I love them. If you need a good Christmas gift or a gift for someone who's sick, a new mom, etc. these are great!

This book. This book has been speaking to my soul in ways I didn't even know I needed. I thought this would inspire more organization in our house but instead the sections on unstuffing our schedules & minds, dealing with guilt, friendships, wellness and our spirit of faith were the parts that touched me the most. I'll be reading this one again and highly recommend it! If you've been feeling like you can't get a handle on everything coming your way, your house and schedule are a wreck and constantly feel behind, do yourself a favor and order this book today!

This picture has another new favorite in it as well - bubble baths!  I've been taking an epsom salt bubble bath for about 30 minutes each night and reading before bed instead of watching tv or looking at my phone!  It relaxes me so much and allows me to go to sleep easier!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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